Ford Puma 2020 performance and driving


Ford Puma 2020, needs quite simply driving smarts. And it has. Number one, it’s some very rather clever concepts around its hindquarters. Yeah, high Gear doesn’t commonly aim on the boot this way up a road-test.

as a result of boots area unit boring. however having to depart your stuff behind is boring too. then is cleansing out the wet carpet of a boot that’s been splashed by muddy gear.

So the puma encompasses a massive deep rubber-lined box below its boot floor wherever you’ll be able to carry your mess. And once the box itself gets too wet,

well you’ll be able to merely open a plug-hole and sluice it out. Even once dry, it’s the largest and most convenient boot within the tiny crossover category.

Ford Puma 2020


they additional loads of school. There’s a digital instrument pack. The motorcar transmission version has the choice of level-two assisted driving, like the Juke’s ProPilot.

Another commonplace piece of school is its always-on web affiliation, used for over simply satnav traffic information. If any compatible connected automobile (and presently there’ll be lots) within the neighbourhood crashes,

or skids, or breaks down, it’ll send a warning to the cloud. That’s picked up by the painter because it approaches thus it’ll warn its driver what’s simply around the corner.

Ford Puma 2020
Ford Puma 2020


the painter is fairly spacious within. space up front is incredibly smart, whereas the rear bench is an appropriate size due to the car’s bulbous form. A boot of 456 litres is generous enough during this category,

and there’s nearly no lip to induce over, therefore awkward things shouldn’t be too tough to load. The boot floor is adjustable too, and beneath it’s an outsized, questionable ‘Megabox’ hidden hold.

you’ll realize a dashboard and centre console style upraised from most recent Fords, however the plastics on show at arm’s height aren’t the Puma’s finest space.

There’s acres of arduous black stuff everywhere the inside, with the partial animal skin end found in our component of the ‘X’ pack stacked on prime of colorful ST Line trim.

therefore there area unit tiny SUVs out there for this cash with nicer interiors, however the Ford’s central moving picture screen and digital dashboard area unit each sturdy points, being sharp and straightforward to navigate.

Ford Puma 2020 interior
Ford Puma 2020 interior


The painter isn’t too significant, that the 155bhp engine will an honest job, particularly as it’s torquey and adroit. (The delicate hybrid system truly adds less weight than work a much bigger engine would have.)

It’s value revving high because the power keeps swelling toward vi,400rpm, however sadly therefore will the noise.

The mild-hybrid works entirely as publicised, creating the engine drive sort of a larger one, whereas still showing spectacular economy once you’re going gently. additionally it will a good job of fast idle-stop in city,

turning off the engine before you’ve stopped, and restarts instantly and as if by magic at the final moment before you wish it to tug away.

The steering is incredibly Ford-like if a touch a lot of rubbery than in a very Focus or feast. It’s intuitive and clean, with a touch of feel. The painter contains cornering roll properly,

and balances the grip at the front and back. you’ll bowl on through a collection of difficult bends and it won’t shirk the challenge.

Ford Puma 2020 price

Costs for the new Ford Puma were expected to be uncovered just before the Frankfurt engine appear in September, be that as it may, releases online appear to affirm the vehicle will cost from £20,000 when it goes marked down in the not so distant future. That will by you a Titanium model with a 125hp petroleum motor. By correlation,

you can get a Renault Capture for under £16,000 in spite of the fact that it just gets a 90hp oil or diesel and is expected for substitution, any day now. Up your spending limit to £27,00 and you’ll have the option to get your hands on a top-of-the-run Puma in ST-Line X First Edition trim. Paying as much as possible methods you likewise get Ford’s 48V gentle half breed 155hp petroleum motor.

Passage hasn’t affirmed when the Puma will be accessible in showrooms, yet at some point in the harvest time appears to be likely.



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