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Audi Enrages Half of China With advertisement That Compares ladies to Used

German automaker Audi Enrages  has issued an apology following the recent backlash that resulted from its release of an advertisement that compared women to used cars.
Speaking to USA Today, the company said that it “deeply regrets” the commercial, adding that it was made by the used car division of its joint venture in China.
Audi Approved: plus online 4S shop.”In response, Audi stated that the ad was only made for the Chinese market, but apparently, local netizens were displeased and called the ad “trashy,” “discriminatory” and “sexist,” Shanghaiist noted.
The ad closes with a voiceover saying, “An important decision must be made carefully.
Watch the ad below:

Audi Enrages With China advertisement

as informed in On July 19, Audi apologized for the ad, yet not publicly on its website, but through one-on-one emails to whoever complained to Audi.
The ad then notes that “an important decision must be made carefully,” by comparing buying a used car to finding a wife.
Audi said the ad was produced exclusively for the Chinese market and has been completely withdrawnAudi, the German luxury vehicles manufacturer, launched a controversial ad in China this week and immediately received a wave of backlash.
Some netizens commented on the ad: “How dare you check a woman like a livestock?” and others directly complained to Audi through emails.
It’s noteworthy that, in recent years, the trend of objectifying women is growing in China.

China: Backlash for Audi advertisement  Compares ladies  to Used Cars

as informed in People Are Angry About This Audi Ad That Compares Women to Used CarsConsumers in China are not happy with Audi’s new advertisement that compares women to used cars.
The ad immediately sparked controversy on Weibo, China’s Twitter, with people calling Audi’s ad sexist.
This isn’t the first time an an Audi ad has gone wrong.
The final sequence of the ad includes a screen grab of used Audis for sale, with the narrator saying, “Only with official certification can you be rest assured.”
Last August, Audi pulled an ad in the United Kingdom after the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), an independent regulator of advertising across all media in the country, said it promoted reckless driving.

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