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“Autoblog” declare : Abandoned Jeep found under twenty feet of snow in Donner Pass

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CHP Truckee suggested that the Jeep’s owner left it there, perhaps after a breakdown, and left it when successive layers of snow and ice entombed it. More than twenty feet of snow and ice are piled atop the Jeep , a winter’s worth of snowplow leavings.Thankfully, the CHP found no bodies or anything else untoward in the XJ when they were arrived. You guys have heard of Donner Pass , right? Hopefully they’re not in too much of a hurry to get their Jeep back, because that thing isn’t moving until late spring at the earliest. The dreaded mountain pass in the northern Sierra Nevadas out in California where an ill-fated group of mid-19th century pioneers got lost and fell to cannibalism to survive?

as mentioned in The California Highway Patrol has discovered a Jeep Cherokee buried under 20 feet of snow on the side of a road outside of Truckee. JEEP BURIED IN SAND DUNE FOR 40 YEARS FINALLY UNEARTHEDJust don’t head back to retrieve it anytime soon. Apparently one of them seriously damaged the truck as it was carving a canyon into the snow, which led to its discovery. The area sees some of the highest snowfall in the United States and has been hit particularly hard this year, with walls of snow bordering many of its major roads. Since it’s not blocking the road, and sits under layers of stratified snow and ice, the police are leaving it up to Mother Nature to thaw it out.

Police find Jeep buried under 20 feet of snow in the Donner Pass
as mentioned in

Jeep found underneath 20 feet of snow in California

A snowplow clearing a California mountain pass discovered a Jeep buried under 20 feet of snow. A Jeep was found buried under 20 feet of snow on the Donner Pass in California on Thursday. As a snowplow was clearing the way of a notoriously snowy section of the Donner Pass, it discovered a Jeep Cherokee entombed within a wall of 20 feet of snow on Thursday. The vehicle is believed to have been abandoned on the side of a road outside of Truckee, California, and snow mountain was built around it as snowblowers cleared the way. The Donner Pass is located in the northern Sierra Nevada mountain range in California.

Jeep found underneath 20 feet of snow in California

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