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automotive industry in America continues to slip

Ford Motor and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’s US light vehicle sales fell more than analysts estimated in July as industry-wide demand continues to slide from last year’s record results.
Ford’s light-vehicle sales declined 7.4% and Fiat Chrysler’s dropped 10%, both bigger decreases than analysts projected in a Bloomberg News survey.
All major automotive makers were expected to report slumping deliveries as both regular consumers and rental companies cut back on car purchases.
Shares of most major vehicle makers have trailed benchmark US stock indices this year.
That means vehicle makers are discounting more to move metal and aren’t wholly making up for it by selling more lucrative models.

automotive industry in America continues to slip

as mentioned in Feature: Driving disruption in the automotive industryTechnology is taking over the automotive industry, changing consumer behaviour and driving change across all fronts.
Technological advance will also allow cars to become upgradeable in public and private cars at a much faster pace.
Shared mobility will fuel the consistent shifts in the automotive industry, as private car ownership declines in the United States.
Electric vehiclesAlthough electric vehicles are not new, they are becoming quite competitive in the automotive market.
Disruptive technologies have become a staple in the rebirth and realignment of the automotive industry, and it won’t ever be the same again.

It sure isn’t only the automotive industry

as mentioned in I have been struck recently with how much discussion is going on about how the automotive industry is in the midst of a radical change that will last many decades but change the landscape completely.
Both France and Great Britain have said that by the year 2040, you will no longer be able to buy a petroleum-powered engine.
We are going to have to learn very quickly to adapt, or we simply won’t be able to survive.
And they will be able to do it quite possibly in smaller space.
Office hoteling has not worked so well, but we will see all sorts of other ways of making your office space smaller, but at the same time, more effective.

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