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“Autoweek” : 4,400 mile 2000 Jeep Cherokee found in Queens

The 17-year-old Jeep Cherokee XJ Sharkey found has only 4,400 miles and, aside from some dust, looks like it just rolled off the assembly line. Long Island resident John Sharkey was in for a surprise when he checked out a 2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ he found listed on Facebook to replace his mother’s recently totaled Subaru . Aside from a quickly repaired bump from a minor collision in 2000, the Cherokee has an entirely clean CarFax. Whether it will sell at that price is anyone’s guess, but it’s certainly a great candidate for a bullet-proof daily driver or a pristine addition to a Jeep collection. Signs of wear and tear are virtually absent, as it is essentially a new car that was only used as occasional winter transportation.

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Someone Just Snagged The Jeep Cherokee Barn Find Of The Century

Someone Just Snagged The Jeep Cherokee Barn Find Of The Century
Photo: John SharkeyPhoto: John SharkeyPhoto: John Sharkey Photo: John SharkeyPhoto: John SharkeyPhoto: John SharkeyThe plastic isn’t factory—they remove stuff like this before the Jeep gets to the dealer. After a short search, he came across a clean, white, 2000 Jeep Cherokee on a Jeep For Sale/Trade Facebook page. And while that sounds like a shit-ton for a Jeep Cherokee, this thing is more than just a barn find. Photo: John SharkeyA Jalopnik reader from Long Island just bought a 4,400 mile Jeep Cherokee from an older owner in Queens in what is perhaps the greatest Jeep XJ barn find of our time.

2017 Jeep Cherokee vs. all-new Compass

2017 Jeep Cherokee vs. all-new Compass
If considering the more street-oriented, front-wheel drive Cherokees, you’d do well to cross-shop.Inside, the Cherokee Trailhawk impresses. With incentives, customers should anticipate a transaction price of just over $30K.All-new for 2017, the Compass expands on the urban/suburban theme pioneered – after a fashion – by the smaller Jeep Renegade . And the Renegade is more efficient than the Cherokee V6, offering a 22/30/25 EPA estimate. With only the V6 added to the Cherokee Trailhawk trim, the Jeep’s MSRP was $34,690. And if the drive-off price difference is less than 10 percent, point your personal compass toward the Cherokee.

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