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Bossier sheriff to boycott NFL sponsor Ford because of anthem protests

Bossier sheriff to boycott NFL sponsor Ford because of anthem protests. NFL owners are considering changing league rules to make it mandatory which players stand for the national anthem, a league spokesman said Tuesday.
further: Bell: Jerry Jones tells protests not perfect for CowboysIn late September, Ford Motor Inc., a sponsor of the NFL, launched a statement in response to controversy over numerous NFL players kneeling in objection during the national anthem prior to games.
Those cars involved 21 Ford Police Interceptors, 4 Ford Tauruses, a Ford F-150, 2 Ford F-250s & a Ford Explorer.
Whittington too told Hixson Ford which he would send copies of his letter to Louisiana’s 63 other sheriffs.
The Times has reached out to both Hixson Ford & Ford’s corporate office for comment however has yet to receive a response.

Bossier Sheriff’s Office boycotts Ford over NFL anthem protests
Bossier Sheriff's Office

Louisiana sheriff’s office boycotting Ford police cars over NFL anthem objection stance

A Louisiana sheriff’s office is boycotting Ford’s police cars because of the automaker’s backing for the right of NFL players to objection during the playing of the national anthem before games.
Bossier Parish Sheriff Julian Whittington posted a letter which he sent to the Ford dealership his section purchases its cars from to inform it of the decision.
Whittington wrote which “the Bossier Sheriff’s Office going to no longer buy Ford products as long as Ford sides by these who have no regard for the men & ladies who prevent & serve this major nation.
Whittington’s office has a fleet of over 300 cars, however they’re not exclusively Ford products, according to Automotive break news.
The Shreveport Times reports which the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office purchased nearly $750,000 worth of Ford cars from Hixon Automotive Group in 2016 & 2017.



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