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Canada & Mexico to confront U.S. auto content requests at NAFTA talks

MEXICO CITY — Canada & Mexico outline to confront the U.S. over its request for tougher NAFTA automotive content rules, people briefed on the matter said on Monday, underlining slow progress on the trade pact’s generality important issues.
cars & auto portions account for generality of the $64 bn U.S. trade deficit by Mexico, a sore spot for Donald trump.
Canada & Mexico dismiss the idea as unworkable & outline to replyby presentations on the method such a move would damage the North American auto industry, people briefed on the talks said.
A Mexican auto industry representative by knowledge of the talks called the U.S. suggestion “insane” on Sunday, adding: “You cannot counterproposal such madness.”
In San Antonio, Texas, a senior U.S. formal told a Senate panel which the Organization wanted to rebalance the Big automotive trade deficit by Mexico.

U.S. NAFTA auto suggestion faces criticism from American, Canada & Mexico vehicle players

A great auto association told a hearing which the current suggestion can induce companies to leave this continent & simply pay importation tariffs.
An American source familiar by the talks pointed to directory of the U.S. willingness to negotiate in perfect faith: the so broadly phrased list of American objectives published on-line final 7 days.
Along by Canada & Mexico going to press the American side for clarity on the method the auto suggestion would work, by the subtext of which conversation being their belief which the suggestion would not, Actually, work at all.
1 stakeholder advising the Canadian Gov. tells the suggestion was written in vague prose, light on specifics.
Canadian officials have noted the internal U.S. opposition to the American suggestion, including from 6 dozen American lawmakers who wrote a letter final 7 days blasting it & the hearing before the Senate on Monday.
Canada & Mexico

NAFTA nations close horns on America auto requests as 5th round ends

as mentioned in The suggestion is a central plank of U.S. President Trump’s US premier strategy to bring back manufacturing jobs to the U.S., though it faces stiff resistance from the auto industry, that questions its viability.
Tuesday going to be the 7th day negotiators have met during this Mexico round, & officials wish to make announcements that can inject some momentum into a process that further pessimistic observers fear is running through steam.
Expectations for any great advances in the 5th round were scaled back while the 3 sides reported that the ministers in charge of the NAFTA trade portfolio would not attend the talks.
Negotiators are eager not to let the NAFTA revamp to become politicized with the Mexican election campaign.
Mexican officials initially expressed wish that some chapters can Eventually be closed during the 5th round, pointing to topics like telecoms & e-commerce.
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