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Flying cars eye takeoff at Geneva Motor display

The “Pop.up following” concept flying vehicle in Geneva. picture: AFPAfter gracing our screens for decades, flying cars are about to shift gears from dream to fact, by the unvailing of a commercial model in Geneva this 7 days. Pal-V unveiled its Liberty Flying vehicle — a sleek, red 3-wheeled gyrocopter-type …

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Donald trump threatens to add additional tax European cars

Volkswagen is between the industrialists which can be influenced by Trump’s menace (photo: DPA)Trump has threatened to ‘simply apply a tax’ on European cars purveyed in the USA. The America president’s declaration is the latest step in a feud which he ignited by the European Union over tax & trade. …

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Rome to ban diesel vehicles from city center with 2024

Rome, one of Europe’s generality traffic-clogged cities & house to thousands of ancient outdoor monuments threatened with pollution, plans to ban diesel cars from the centre with 2024, its mayor has said. Her comments followed a court of law ruling in Germany which cities there could ban the generality heavily …

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Move is on to ban diesel vehicle from cities

In December 2016, the mayors of Paris, Madrid, Athens, & Mexico City reported plans to ban diesel cars & vans from their roads by 2025. however policy levers are being Determine that can finally see internal combustion engines in general, & diesel cars in particular, largely banished from inner cities. …

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Fresh vehicle tax rules for 2018 are coming in a few weeks

can not subscribe, have a try once more later Invalid Email British drivers can pay hundreds further to tax their vehicle as Fresh changes come into force in just a few weeks. Those who drive Fresh diesel cars are Determine to be the losers while the Fresh rules take influence …

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