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The brains of Uber’s self-driving cars are getting a large upgrade

uper's self driving

according to recently, Uber’s self-driving cars will all think the same. The arrangement tells Uber’s driverless cars will utilize Nvidia’s Fresh Xavier Drive chips, a new strongand Effective chip built specifically for autonomous cars . Uber is will Utilize the Fresh NVIDIA Xavier Drive technology in its self-driving fleet. China’s Baidu …

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could self-driving cars even bugle their own horns?

1 of the generality essential equipment for interpersonal communication among drivers was not even in the Artificial intelligence’s protocol, that made America wonder: could self-driving cars even beep? Industry leader Waymo has worked to innovate the proper protocols for its self-driving cars to honk their horns, by different types of …

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Chris Urmson is emerging the brains for self-driving cars

as mentioned in while Chris Urmson left his post as the chief technology officer of Alphabet’s self-driving cars arm in 2016, he had tiny idea what he was will work on following. “It seemed such as a perfect time to step aside, & honestly, while I left, I didn’t know …

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