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Disregard Tesla, Ford swings to Team Edison for electric cars

Bolstering Ford’s formerlyreported outline to offer a 300-mile electric sport utility vehicle by 2020, the Inc. has formed an internal group to outline more electric cars.
Dubbed Team Edison, the group going to provide overall direction on electric vehicle strategy, leveraging existing resources in the effort.
Ford currently offers an electric version of its Focus hatchback, along by a number of hybrid & plug-in hybrid cars .
The Selection of the name “Team Edison” is appropriate, as Henry Ford & Thomas Edison became friends in 1896.
But, the idea of a rivalry among Thomas Edison & Nikola Tesla, Tesla Motors’ namesake, became Common on the net, provoking such things as an Epic Rap Combat among the 2 electricity pioneers.

Ford details outline to cut costs, accelerate move to electric cars , sport utility cars & trucks

Ford Motor Co. F, +two.07% late Tuesday unveiled a outline to cut costs, go deeper into electric cars , & allocate further money to sport utility cars & trucks rather than cars .
The Inc. targets $ten bn in material cost reductions, & $four bn in engineering costs with increasing the Utilize of popular portions across its lineup.
The Inc. too said it going to reallocate $seven bn to sport utility cars & trucks, from cars , & which it plans to build the following-generation Ford Focus in China, keeping capital investment & costs.
“in the end, though, we have to accept the virtues which brought America success over the past century are truly no guarantee of aftertime success.”
Shares of Ford gained 0.six% after ending the regular trading session up two.one%.
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