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“Fiat Chrysler Authority” : Jeep Teases Moab Easter Jeep Safari Vehicles

Jeep has teased two of the concepts it will bring to this year’s edition of the annual MOAB Easter Jeep Safari from Utah. More information on the Jeep Switchback and Quicksand concepts, along with all of Jeeps other 2017 MOAB concepts, will become available later this week. The first concept and the one that we get the best look at is the Jeep Switchback concept (above) which appears to share some styling cues with the 2015 Jeep Africa MOAB concept . The second concept teased is dubbed the Quicksand (above). The concept appears to be based on the Wrangler Unlimited and sports a safari-style roof, knobby off-road tires, a front brush guard and unique doors with cutouts in the center.

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Moab Easter Jeep Safari Vehicle sneak peek 2017

Moab Easter Jeep Safari Vehicle sneak peek 2017
The Jeep Quicksand concept and the Jeep Switchback concept are two of the new vehicles that will head to Moab. The Jeep and Mopar brands have once again joined forces to create a selection of concept Jeep vehicles for the upcoming 51st annual Easter Jeep Safari, taking place in Moab, Utah, April 8-16. *Automotive World is not responsible for the content of this news release. Look for more information and images on these vehicles later this week.

Jeep is Teasing Two 2017 Easter Jeep Safari Concepts

Jeep is Teasing Two 2017 Easter Jeep Safari Concepts
SEE ALSO: Top 5 Craziest Moab Easter Jeep Safari Concepts EverThere are usually six or seven concepts in total. The Easter Jeep Safari is almost upon us again, and like always, Jeep will roll out some unique concept vehicles to celebrate the event. The Easter Jeep Safari concepts are always heavily modified versions of existing Jeep vehicles, built to show off the capabilities of the brand and also to showcase many Mopar add-on parts. For example, last year we saw the Jeep Trailcat, a Wrangler fitted with a Hellcat engine. The two concepts seen in the photos are known as the Jeep Quicksand and the Jeep Switchback, just two of the new vehicles that will head to Moab this year to hit the trails.

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