Ford bronco


ford bronco vs Chevy debate extends into each
corner of the automotive world, thus let’s examine
however their initial forays into the off-roading area
heap up. whereas each the K5 sports coat and also
the Ford bronco have had many alternatives
incarnations throughout the years, their initial generations invite the foremost comparisons.
on condition that each the sports coat and also the
bronc square measure being rereleased these days,

let’s explore wherever these cross-country dynasties began.

Ford bronco

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Ford Bronco was released in 1965, and the chevy K5 Blazer was launched four years later in 1969
Also, the blazer was given a GM counterpart called the jimmy that sold in 1970
In addition, both vehicles went through several generations

and ended production in the mid-90s

The first generation of ford bronco was automated in similarity

to the American car-buying public with SUVs and the chevy blazer further rode that wave
One of the big differences between the two is the

overall concentrate on luxury and comfort on the blazer
A vintage k5 blazer seems just like any slightly older SUV you would come across today, from the A/C the more conventional bucket seats

Engine and performance


Ford bronco
Ford bronco

As was the style of the time, both the ford bronco and the chevy blazer brings equipped with V8 motors
The bronco has the 302 Windsor V8 while the blazer came with a 5.7L V8 engine
Also, they make similar power with the blazer edging out
These are the top of the line engines on both vehicles, meaning that these values are not indicative of every engine and transmission combination of either vehicle
Due the age and size of these vehicles, neither of them come remotely close to being named a fuel-efficient vehicle by modern standards, with the average mpg floating just around 10
That really is not that much of a concern though, as most first-gen blazers or broncos that are being used as daily drivers this day and age are resto-mods

A quick note on the transmission options at the time: it’s possible to find both a classic bronco and a classic blazer equipped with an automatic transmission.
That being said, the blazer was the first to come with that option
Contrary to the current culture surrounding off-roading vehicles, the early option of an automatic transmission was a big boon to the blazer
Sure, this is blasphemous to present-day auto enthusiasts who bemoan the disappearance of the manual gearbox, but this was a serious selling point at the time

Suspension and off-road abilities

Ford bronco
Ford bronco

In general, classic chevy blazers and ford broncos have similar suspension setups
Both have live axles on both ends and leaf springs in the rear
The classic bronco uses coil springs on the front axle, and the blazer has another set of over slung leaf springs on the front end
The bronco’s front suspension is more complex than just a coil-sprung live axle
Also, the bronco’s front axle staged using radius arms and a lateral tracking bar
This particular set up allows for a tighter turning radius and creates an anti-dive suspension geometry

The blazer has the edge in terms of raw power, it reduces in mobility as its longer wheelbase really does a number on its ability to crawl over rocks
Beyond that, it is the heavier vehicle as well, having a curb weight 700 ibs higher than the bronco

Classic broncos made after 1971 have a dana 44 front

axle instead of a dana 30, and they all come with a dana 20 transfer case and a ford 9 rear axle as well
The first-gen k5 blazer came with either a dana 20 or an NP-205 transfer case and a dana 44 front axle, plus a GM-bolt rear axle

New bronco vs new blazer

Both of these vehicles are making a comeback
The new chevy blazer has released and information is slowly trickling out about ford bronco 2021
While there is still plenty to learn about the upcoming ford bronco, it looks like it is going to be much more exciting than the new blazer, that is now a regular unibody crossover


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