Ford festiva history

ford festiva history is the first generation of it ( ford fiesta MK1)
It introduced in 1976 and was ford europe’s first multi-national front-wheel-drive automobile
Also was available in both 3-door hatchback and panel van body styles

In 1983 the ford fiesta updated to fiesta MK2

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Ford festiva history

firstly, festiva sold in Japan, the Americas and Australia
also, the name delivered from the Spanish word for festive
the festiva goes on the trend of fords built and designed by Mazda

first-generation (1986-1993)

firstly Ford provided a single 1.3-liter 83 four-cylinder and three trim levels
Also, the two base models featured a four-speed manual overdrive transmission, with the LX upgraded to a five-speed unit
Also a tachometer and tilt steering wheel with featured on the LX trim
There are also alloy wheels, remote mirror, cloth interior seating and FM cassette radio
and Ford replaced the manual front seat belts with motorized versions and fitted manual rear seat belts as standard
In the 1991 model year, the L Plus and LX models were shared into a single GL trim
And GL gained alloy wheels and the availability of a sport package

Ford festiva history
Ford festiva history

In 1993 model year brought no changes
and The agreement with ford materialized in accordance with kia’s strategy implemented in the mid-1980s to progressively fill the void at the low cost end of the market slowly being abdicated by the Japanese brands

on the other hand  Mazda started producing the festiva as the Mazda 121 for Australia and Europe in 1987
Also, ford Australia started importing the car like the ford festiva from kia’s South Korean production facility
Also, festiva three-door, badged festiva trio launched in Australia
Both versions worked by the overhead camshaft carbureted 1.3-liter b3 engine with the five-speed manual transmission
Also, three-speed automatic was optional for the five door

Second generation (1993-2000)

Secondly, model ford festiva developed between KIA and ford
This new model of festiva was wider, more aerodynamic and suspended by macpherson struts in the front
Also torsion beam axle in the rear
Ford also renamed to the aspire in North American markets
also The sedan restricted to the South Korean market but it was available with festiva badging in Taiwan
Also, transmission options comprised a five-speed
manual transmission but all models

Ford festiva history
Ford festiva history

Ford Festiva, further as Kia Pride, square measure
technically supported the Mazda DA platform, that
used Mazda B series carburettor engines. in
additional recent models, a contemporary fuel
the injection system was used. Ford Festiva was
oversubscribed in North America from 1988 to 1993.
In Europe and indifferent world markets, this
automobile bore the name of the Mazda 121
(probably to avoid competition with the Ford feast
oversubscribed in these markets) and was
oversubscribed from 1988 to 1991, till it had been
replaced with a lot of trendy Mazda Autozam
variety. In some countries, this automobile was oversubscribed as a Kia Pride.

Third generation (1996-2002)

Ford festiva history
Ford festiva history

Thirdly, Sales of the second generation Festiva resulted in
1996 for the Japanese market, being replaced by
generation three—a badge designed Mazda Demio
(DW). referred to as the “Ford Festiva mini Wagon”,
the Japanese-only model vary consisted of one five-
door hatchback body vogue out there with either a
one.3- or 1.5-liter engine. and Transmission choices were
a three-speed or four-speed automatic and a five-
speed manual. Production continuing till Mazda
ceased manufacture of the equivalent Demio in

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