Ford models cars list in the world

ford models include Ford sports vehicles, SUV models, Ford minimized autos and even exemplary Ford vehicles.

Each type has its own history, specifications and forms different from the other.
Ford is one of the good cars that depend on it

. Now here are the most important types of ford since its inception and you have to read and enjoy with us and every type supported by pictures


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Ford models


ford fiesta

above all, The Ford party could be a supermini vehicle created by the Ford Motor Company since 1976,
presently in its seventh era. The party has been created in Europe, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico,
Venezuela, China, India, Taiwan, Thailand, and South Africa. In 2010, the sixth era party was
conferred around the world, creating it the principal party model to be oversubscribed in North
America since the party Mark used to cease toward a part of the arrangement. The
party has oversubscribed over sixteen million units since 1976,

ford fiesta
ford fiesta

ford pinto

secondly, The Ford Equus caballus could be a subcompact made by the Ford Motor Company for the
model years 1971–1980. ab initio offered as a two-door sedan, hatchback and wagon models
followed in 1972. With over three million sold-out over a 10-year production run, the Equus

and caballus competed within the U.S. market against the AMC faery and Chevrolet Vega —
outproducing each by total production also as by highest model year production. The Equus
caballus conjointly competed against foreign cars from Volkswagen, Datsun, and Toyota. A
rebadged variant, the Mercury catamount, debuted in 1974 in North American nation and in
March 1975 within the America

ford pinto
ford pinto

ford focus


thirdly, The Ford Focus may be an auto factory-made by the Ford Motor Company since 1998.
Ford began sales of the main target to Europe in Gregorian calendar month 1998 and in North
America throughout 1999 for the 2000 model year. In Europe, North and South America, and
The African country, the main target replaced the varied versions of the Ford Escort and Ford optical
maser sold in those markets. In Asia and archipelago, it replaced the Ford optical maser. As of
the primary 1/2 2012, the main target surpassed the Toyota models  scroll to become the world’s best
marketing automobile plate. the main target has been thought-about one amongst the fifty
greatest cars of the past fifty years by British magazine automotive

ford focus
ford focus

ford explorer

fourthly, The Ford Explorer may be a machine vehicle created by the yankee manufacturer Ford since
1990. The Ford somebody went on to become one in every of the foremost standard machine
vehicles on the road. The model years through 2010 were ancient body-on-frame, mid-size
SUVs. For the 2011 model year, Ford touched somebody to a lot of fashionable unibody,
large crossover SUV/crossover utility vehicle platform, a similar Volvo-derived platform the Ford
Flex and Ford Taurus use. it’s slotted between the normal body-on-frame, large Ford Expedition
and therefore the mid-size CUV Ford Edge. though externally similar, the fifth generation
somebody, Ford Edge and Ford Escape don’t share platforms

ford explorer
ford explorer

ford GT40

fifthly, The ford GT40 is a high performing American British endurance racing car and determined in England and provided by a series of American built engines that won the twenty-four hours of le mans four successive times, with henry ford 11 himself in attendance at le mans,
on the other hands, The MK II GT40 performed ford with the first overall Le mans victory for an American artificer and the first victory for an American manufacturer at a main European race with Duesenberg at the 1921 French Grand Prix

ford GT40
ford GT40

Ford Taurus

sixthly, The Ford Taurus  an automobile processed by the ford motor company in the US
Now in its sixth generation, it showed in the 1986 model year and kept in a year for more than two decades
Also a performance variant, in addition, it provided as the basis for the first-ever front-wheel drive Lincoln continental
And it was a front-wheel drive mid-size car even 2007 but in 2008 was full-size car
And available in front or all-wheel drive since 2008

Ford fusion

seventhly, The ford fusion produced by the ford motor company
And it introduced in the 2006 model year and placed second in a car and driver ranking of top-selling mid-size cars
Also in 2010 model was the motor trend car of the year and its hybrid version awarded the 2010 north American car of the year
and The fusion manufactured at ford’s Hermosillo stamping & assembly was the similar mercury Milan
And the Lincoln MKZ constructed all three cars use the CD3 platform, production on the first fusions started on August 1, 2005

Ford fusion
Ford fusion

Ford Aerostar

eighthly, The ford Aerostar  manufactured by ford motor company for the North American market from 1986 to 1997
In two body lengths and in both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive configurations

and The passenger version  superseded by the Windstar in the 1995 model year
Also, product lines marketed until the Aerostar  stopped after 1997
therefore, The role of the cargo version superseded by the transit connect since 2010
Also, it introduced after the ford Taurus

Ford Aerostar
Ford Aerostar

Ford model T

ninthly, Ford Model T  an automobile produced by henry ford’s motor company from October 1,1908 to May 26, 1927
The car that worked travel to the common middle-class American
It also includes assembly line production instead of individual handcrafting
And it  called the most influential car of the 20th century in the 1999 car of the century competition

Ford model T
Ford model T

Ford Edge

after that, The Ford Edge a mid sized crossover SUV made by the ford motor company
The first generation edge depended on the Ford CD3 platform shared with the first generation ford fusion, Mazda CX-9 and Lincoln MKX

Ford Edge
Ford Edge

Ford Flex

finally, Ford Flex is a full-size cross over using vehicle made by the ford motor company
This car replaces the ford Taurus X and freestyle and sharing their drivetrains but utility an updated platform
Flex made alongside the ford edge and Lincoln MKX mid-size CUVs at the Cakeville plant in Oakville
The flex belonged to a group of rebadged of variants,

Ford Flex
Ford Flex





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