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Ford Motor Inc. announces Dividend for 4th Quarter 2017

DEARBORN, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Board of Directors of Ford Motor Inc. declared a 4th quarter dividend of $0.15 per share on the Inc.’s outstanding Class B & popular stock.
The 4th quarter dividend is the same standard of regular dividends paid in the premier, 2nd & 3rd quarters of 2017 & in each of the quarters throughout 2016.
The 4th quarter dividend is payable on December one, 2017 to shareholders of record at the lock of business on October 23, 2017.
About Ford Motor CompanyFord Motor Inc. is a universal Inc. based in Dearborn, Michigan.
For further data regarding Ford, its products & Ford Motor Credit Inc., please visit www.corporate.ford.com.

Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office interrupting Ford Motor Inc.

In an unlock letter, Bossier Parish Sheriff Julian Whittington tells he & his office is going to boycott Ford Motor Inc. because of the automaker’s stance on NFL players protesting during the national anthem.
In the letter, Whittington tells he could’t buy cars from a Inc. which has ‘no regard for the men & ladies who prevent & serve.’ He too called on other law enforcement agencies & leaders to “take a stand versus Ford Motor Co. & the disrespectful National Football League.”He acknowledges the reality which players have every right to peacefully objection, however tells he & the tax payers have every right not to backing a Inc. which sides by those who disrespect the law & the country.
because of the backlash, NFL commissar Roger Goodell sent a letter to team owners this 7 days saying them which he believes all players ought stand for the National Anthem.
Ford Motor Inc

Step Aside Tesla, the aftertime is Ford Motor Inc. (F)

referring to Ford Motor Inc. (NYSE: F ) is This time readier for the year 2022 than Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA ).
nothing of this is will be reflected in the following Ford quarterly report.
You too won’t see Ford deliver a “ten-bagger,” increasing its Price with ten times, that is what Tesla has done over the final 5 years.
however Ford shareholders will profit, & they’ll have a flow of dividends to save them warm When waiting.
Ford has an option to purchase the Inc., however won’t exercise the option unless it sees a valid deliverable.

the method Cost-Cutting Plans Make Owning Ford Motor Inc. (F) Stock Uncomfortable

Earlier this 30 days, iconic automaker Ford Motor Inc. (NYSE: F ) unveiled an ambitious cost-cutting outline in addition to laying out its outline to at least partially pivot to further sport utility cars & further electric cars.
F stock jumped on the break news, of course, because, well, anything would be an improvement for the beleaguered Inc..
by which as the backdrop, here’s a closer look at where Ford is in terms of its expenses, against where it wants to be.
Exciting Cost-Cutting PlansThe short version of a long story: Ford chief executive officerJim Hackett is looking to cut $14 bn worth of annual spending through Ford’s budget.
It all sounds truly, truly perfect to current & would-be owners of F stock.

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