“Fox News” said : Jeep driver ejected in Alabama crash miraculously walks away from wreck

Dramatic video shows the moment an ejected driver walked away from a car wreck in Alabama after his Jeep flipped several times. The dashcam footage showed the Jeep clip a red car and flip multiple times before ejecting the driver. The driver of the red car wasn’t hurt. AJ Calvin was on his way to work on Tuesday night when he witnessed the wreck, which was captured on his dashboard camera. HELICOPTER HITS NC HOME, CRASHES; 2 HOSPITALIZEDCalvin told Fox 10 he witnessed two cars fly by on Interstate 65 in Mobile.

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Watch as driver is ejected from tumbling Jeep

Watch as driver is ejected from tumbling Jeep
But somehow, somebody did – a driver who was ejected from a careening, tumbling, disintegrating Jeep. It shows the speeding vehicles clip, which sends the Jeep tumbling. “A Mustang came flying by, and then a few seconds later a white Jeep came flying by, and I said to myself somebody’s going to get in a wreck – I see that happening right now,” AJ Calvin told Fox 10 TV. Calvin captured the video in his work truck. Presumably the driver was not wearing his seat belt, as, incredibly, many people still do not.

Jeep crashes into Clearwater home, driver and passenger flee
Vehicle crashes into Clearwater home View as list View as gallery Open Gallery Clearwater Fire Rescue Clearwater Fire Rescue Clearwater Fire Rescue Clearwater Fire RescueSTORIES THAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON->> MORE TOP STORIES CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) — Clearwater police are looking for a driver who plowed into a Clearwater home on Saturday and fled, taking her passenger with her. Firefighters say the department’s Technical Rescue Team (TRT) was able to stabilize and the secure the home with shoring. She hit a parked Ford van before running into a corner of the house. The two people inside the vehicle took off on foot and remain at large.

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