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GM to launch 20 electric cars with 2023

General Motors has committed itself to launching “at least” 20 Fresh electric cars among This time & 2023.
It’s not clear if any of these 20 electric cars going to be offered drop under.
ever ever then Honda has released its 2nd-generation Clarity fuel cell vehicle, & the partners have approved a Fresh American fuel cell factory, that is because of come on-line in 2020.
Mark Reuss, GM’s head of output Growth, & previously chief of Holden, said: “General Motors believes in an all-electric aftertime.
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Mahindra matches Tata Motors’s electric car tender bid, to supply 150 electric cars in Phase-one

State-run Energy Efficiency Services Ltd has put out an EV tender to procure ten,000 electric cars .
Mahindra & Mahindra matches lowest bid value, quoted with Tata Motors,” the EESL said in a statement.
“As per the EV tender conditions, Mahindra & Mahindra could supply up to 40% of the order.
Thus, they would supply 150 cars & Tata Motors would supply 350 cars ,” EESL chief Saurabh Kumar told PTI.
Asked about Phase-two procurement of nine,500 electric cars post Phase-one deliveries, he said, “Mahindra & Mahindra has matched the bids.

General Motors hits its top value ever after going all in on electric cars (GM)

The stock was trading as high as $43.70 on Tuesday after the Inc. reported it would be focusing all its efforts on electric cars .
GM Inc. wishes to be making 20 fully electric cars by 2023.
According to Deutsche Bank, the Inc. can release a self-driving vehicle which can navigate complex urban areas without a backup driver in “quarters, not years.”
GM can Utilize the self-driving technology to innovate a ride-hailing service by a natural monopoly, according to Deutsche Bank.
Adam Jonas, an analyst at the bank, said his phone has been ringing further than normal by Businessmen interested in GM.



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