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“International Business Times” declare : How Long Will Trump Last? Mike Pence Can Force President Out Of Office For ‘Grave Emotional Instability’

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Photo: ReutersThe Constitutional Amendment clearly states Vice President Mike Pence could call on Congress to remove Trump from office if he is proven “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” Of course, a vice president and Cabinet has never used section four of the 25th Amendment and there isn’t any reported or apparent plans of a vice presidential coup. For now, it’s nothing short of a moonshot hope for Democrats and activists resisting Trump’s presidency across the country. But if the most recent presidential election has proven one thing, it’s that anything is possible. The provision indicates Congress wouldn’t even need to vote on removing Trump from office in this unique situation, whereas an impeachment process would require a Senate vote and could be easily derailed by a Republican-majority backing the sitting president.

as declared in Related stories from TheWrap:Donald Trump Inauguration Brings Flood of ‘Golden Showers’ Porn SearchesPutin Says Creators of Golden Shower Dossier Are ‘Worse Than Prostitutes’Donald Trump on ‘Golden Showers’ Claim: Nope, I’m a Germaphobe Trump has repeatedly denied the unverified allegations, referring to the dossier of information as “fake news,” but Waters disagrees. They’ve said it that is absolutely true.”Rep. Maxine Waters claims on @MSNBC that the sex allegations about Trump in the Russian dossier are true. Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters believes that the infamous golden shower claims regarding Donald Trump that were published by BuzzFeed as part of an unverified Russian dossier are true and should lead to the president’s impeachment. “I think it should be taken a look at,” Waters said.

Maxine Waters Thinks President Trump Should Be Impeached Over Golden Showers (Video)
as declared in

US Congress could remove Donald Trump from office without impeaching the President

Two students at a top US law school have claimed it is possible for Congress to remove Donald Trump from office without impeaching him due to a little known clause in the Constitution. Instead they said there are two ways that Congress can force Mr Trump out of office. They argue the phrase “[an] other body as Congress may by law provide” means the House has the power to appoint an independent body to assess whether the President is fit for office. But they argued it may be enough that Congress has this power to hold over Mr Trump’s head to force him to behave. The 25th Amendment was originally adopted in 1967 and establishes the procedure where by the Vice-President succeeds the President if he or she is incapacitated, dies in office or impeached.

US Congress could remove Donald Trump from office without impeaching the President

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