“jalopnik” declare : This Jeep Cherokee Fell Victim To The Infamous Donner Pass And Now I Want To Cry

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Photo credit: CHP-Truckee/FacebookThe Donner pass through the Sierra Nevada mountain range is not for the weak. AdvertisementBut like the Donner party, this group of sentient Cherokees was trapped by over 20 feet of snow. AdvertisementThe Donner pass got its name from two brothers who led an ill-fated group of emigrants from Springfield, Illinois to California in the mid 19th century. It’s also apparently not for the strong, as even the indefatigable Jeep four-liter engine couldn’t save this Cherokee from being consumed by old-man winter. I say “ill-fated,” because that naive group may or may not have resorted to cannibalism after getting trapped by deep snow.

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Introducing the all-new 2017 Jeep Cherokee
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Jeep Grand Cherokee added to Trail mix

Jeep Grand Cherokee added to Trail mixSUPPLIED See the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk in rock-hopping mode. * Jeep’s Italian Renegade arrives in NZ* Jeep owners have dirty Boomrock fun* The most significant Jeep models of the past 75 years* Jeep’s anniversary Cherokee models bring diamonds into the rough* Celebrating 75 Jeep years in Grand Cherokee styleSUPPLIED Jeep stresses that “Trail Rated” is not just a badge. There’s even now a series of Trail Rated Jeep models named after “trails” in the countries they’re sold in. Our preview drive of the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk didn’t touch tarmac at all (that’ll come later). The hero is the one you see here: the new Trailhawk version of NZ’s biggest-selling (and biggest) Jeep, the Grand Cherokee.

Jeep Grand Cherokee added to Trail mix

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