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“jalopnik” : My 1948 Farm Jeep Made It 300 Miles To Indiana

After 300 miles and 11 hours, we the Jeep finally went to sleep for the night in West Lafayette, Indiana. Will the Jeep make it 300 miles today, or will it leave me stranded in the pouring rain? Today, we’ve got another 300 miles to go, and the forecast says it’s going to pour down rain. But apparently, there’s some life in the little Jeep yet, because Project Slow Devil just drove 300 miles in a single day in the first leg of my 1,800 mile journey to Moab. It was just me and my trusty (so far) Willys, driving through rural America towards the sunset without a care in the world.

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My 1948 Jeep Finally Died After 1,300 Miles Of Glory

My 1948 Jeep Finally Died After 1,300 Miles Of Glory
Luckily and inexplicably, the parts store in the tiny town of Beloit, Kansas (population: ~3,800) had a distributor cap, rotor, and set of points for a 1948 Willys Jeep. Late and tired, Freddy and I threw the Jeep on the trailer, and hauled it off to our hotel for the night. Then I walked to the front of the Jeep, fearing there might be a rod sticking out of the block. I woke up in Beloit, Kansas ready to drive into Colorado and take on the Rockies with a Jeep that, thus far, has exceeded my wildest expectations. The whole thing reminded me a lot of the last time I blew up a motor, so I feared the worst.

My 1948 Jeep Off-Road Project Made It 1,000 Miles To Kansas

My 1948 Jeep Off-Road Project Made It 1,000 Miles To Kansas
The Jeep drove through small town after small town, with the CJ-2A putting along happily in what felt like its home turf. Small town America loves old Jeeps, and based on the trip so far, my old Jeep loves small town America. Take this hotel room I’m sitting in right now, for example: to me, it sounds like there’s an F5 tornado hiding in the closet. After five hours by myself, driving through a completely barren Kansas landscape, I finally made it to this hotel room. It was already midnight, and there wasn’t an open hotel room for 65 miles.

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