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“Jalopnik” said : For $3,750, Could This 1978 Jeep CJ-5 Be Your New Summer Love?

Are you tired of seeing David Tracy have all the glory with his project Jeep? This 1978 Jeep CJ5 has a lot of the right stuff too, even though some of that stuff is a little—okay a lot—rough around the edges. For this CJ-5 that just so happens to be $3,750, which is cheap for a Jeep, but perhaps overly expensive for one that requires a dustpan to collect. Suffice to say, unless you’re competent with both grinder and welder, this Jeep might be too much for you. Well, in case you hadn’t noticed all the ass-end diamond plate, this Jeep suffers from possession by the rust demon.

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Cool New Products For Your Jeep

Cool New Products For Your Jeep
Each Rugged Ridge Soft Rope Shackle is backed by a five-year limited warranty. Turnkey JeepTo celebrate 20 years in business, AEV Conversions has created a 20th Anniversary edition of the Jeep JK350 Wrangler. Information:, 800/345-8476, westinautomotive.comLong-Distance DieselIf you need increased fuel capacity for your tow rig, Transfer Flow now offers a 40-gallon in-bed pickup auxiliary fuel tank system. The light weight allows the rope shackle to float, making them perfect for use in watery applications. Information:, 248/926-0256, aev-conversions.comJK SliderWestin introduces Snyper skidplates for the Jeep JK Wrangler.

This Jeep Grand Cherokee Rises Over Traffic to Promote Verizon's New Connected Car Tech
When it comes to capable off-roaders, the Jeep Grand Cherokee ranks at or near the front of the pack by most measures. Enter: the Hum Rider, a Grand Cherokee that’s been rebuilt to rise up nine feet above the ground on telescoping hydraulic limbs so it can roll straight over traffic. The Hum Rider was conceived of by marketing firm Thinkmodo and built by Scott Beverly of A2Zfx, according to Mashable. As the video of it in action below reveals, it’s every bit as surreal and awesome as you’d think. (We bet you can guess which of those two categories buys more Grand Cherokees.)

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