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“jalopnik” said : My 1948 Jeep Off-Road Project Broke Down 10 Miles Into My Journey

A few minutes after writing this post about the commencement of my 1,800 mile journey to Moab, my 1948 Willys CJ-2A Jeep broke down. But I stepped on the starter switch and smoke billowed from under my dash, filling the interior. Regardless, Brandon said the carburetor on my Jeep seemed totally fine—he wasn’t sure what was causing the Jeep to spew fuel. The starter switch was toast. AdvertisementSponsoredWhen we got to Brandon’s house, he volunteered a spare starter switch and built us a new carb; sadly, he had some issues getting it to idle properly, so that didn’t work.

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My 1948 Farm Jeep Made It 300 Miles To Indiana

My 1948 Farm Jeep Made It 300 Miles To Indiana
After 300 miles and 11 hours, we the Jeep finally went to sleep for the night in West Lafayette, Indiana. Will the Jeep make it 300 miles today, or will it leave me stranded in the pouring rain? Today, we’ve got another 300 miles to go, and the forecast says it’s going to pour down rain. But apparently, there’s some life in the little Jeep yet, because Project Slow Devil just drove 300 miles in a single day in the first leg of my 1,800 mile journey to Moab. It was just me and my trusty (so far) Willys, driving through rural America towards the sunset without a care in the world.

We're Off! My 1948 Farm Jeep Begins The 1,800-Mile Journey to Moab
On Thursday, my friend Brandon and I hauled the spare spare transfer case and transmission to my indoor workshop that normal folks apparently call a “kitchen.” We unbolted the transfer case from the trans, and started scavenging for parts. Wednesday night, my friend Eric came over and helped me remove the transfer case from the transmission, which was lacking in the “second gear” department. Especially with the custom top in place, the Jeep feels like nothing else I’ve ever driven. But this Jeep is never going to make it to Moab. That’s what this feels like: I’m in a big cartoon Jeep, headed west for the Jeep promised land, worrying every second I’m behind the wheel, and yet somehow, enjoying every moment.

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