Jeep goes airborne, crashes into building

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Milwaukee news outlets report no one was seriously injured after the Jeep ended up in a first story living room. A woman is expected to be cited with inattentive driving after an SUV crashed into the side of Milwaukee duplex Thursday morning. The crash was reported around 5 a.m. on Capitol Drive and Green Bay Ave. in Milwaukee. Police said the woman claimed she blacked out prior to the crash.

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Jeep goes airborne, crashes into building

Nobody was injured when an SUV went airborne and slammed into a Milwaukee, Wisconsin, duplex Thursday morning. The home’s tenant, who only wanted to be identified as Theo, said he felt lucky to be alive. They said they’re investigating the incident as a routine crash, although the driver was cited for inattentive driving. Police said the driver of the SUV was not impaired and is cooperating with authorities. “Then I saw a lady trying to creep out of the car,” he said.

Jeep goes airborne, crashes into building

Jeep crashes through wall of house after going airborne
According to Milwaukee Police the bizarre incident happened just before 5 a.m. as the homeowner, identified as Theo, was asleep in bed. Nevada man steals truck, crashes into Moonlite Bunny RanchSurprisingly, police said the driver was not impaired and she’s cooperating with authorities. A Jeep crashed into a home after going airborne. Truck plows AnalTech, odor leads to HazMat situationVideo from the accident showed the red Jeep impaled inside the home. Authorities are still trying to piece together exactly what happened, but it appears the car somehow drove up a hill in front of the house, went airborne and crashed through Theo’s living room wall.

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