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Jeep Grand Cherokee vs Dodge Durango

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It seems that every battle plan adopted by the Jeep Grand Cherokee is being mimicked by the Dodge Durango. For starters, the Dodge Durango and the Grand Cherokee are both SUVs under the FiatChrysler Automobiles group of company. Today, Dodge further made it harder to separate the Durango from the Grand Cherokee when they decided to complete the development of the Durango SRT. This is something which the Grand Cherokee no longer offers at all. The SUV will be identical to the Grand Cherokee SRT in the sense that it will rely on the same 475hp 6.4L V8 engine so what’s the point of it?

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Is the 2018 Dodge Durango SRT actually faster than the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT?

The powertrain in the new 2018 Dodge Durango SRT is exactly the same as the one in the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT. Follow Joel Add to circleIt’s no secret the current Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee are closely related. 2018 Dodge Durango SRT Enlarge PhotoDodge is quoting a 0-60 mph time of 4.4 seconds for the 2018 Durango SRT and a quarter mile run of 12.9 seconds. The 2018 Durango SRT has been unveiled in all its American glory, but we noticed something strange. Similar to Durango SRT, this wheelbase advantage helped the Charger SRT Hellcat to achieve a better quarter mile time than the Challenger SRT Hellcat when tested.

Is the 2018 Dodge Durango SRT actually faster than the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT?

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Hellcat Pickup Could Be The Ultimate Sleeper
After all, who wouldn’t love outpacing supercars in a pickup truck you can purchase from any Jeep dealer? PHOTO GALLERYAlthough Jeep hasn’t publicized any plans about a Grand Cherokee-based pickup and in all probability, will never create such a vehicle, one look at this rendering will leave you wondering why not.Conceivably, it wouldn’t be too difficult for FCA to approve a Grand Cherokee pickup and for Jeep to simply convert the standard SUV into a pickup. Such a procedure could be costly, especially if the model proved popular, but it is certainly within the realms of possibility.As a result, automotive rendering extraordinaire Rc-workchop recently rendered a Grand Cherokee pickup but not just any old pickup, a Hellcat-powered one.Jeep has already confirmed that a Grand Cherokee Hellcat is in works with the brand’s 707 hp, 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine. The pickup rendered therefore includes a bold front fascia and includes a large hood scoop, flared arches, big wheels and massive brakes.The two rear doors of the Grand Cherokee have also been removed to make way for a large bed area with steel reinforcements.If, for some reason, Jeep decides to ever create such a pickup, we can only imagine it proving a runaway success.

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