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Jeep Stuck in Sand Dune 40 Years Is Finally Free

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Here’s What A Jeep Wagoneer Looks Like After 40 Years Under A Sand Dune

Photo: NECN (Screengrab)Sometime around 1977, a classic Jeep Wagoneer became entombed after a sand dune in Truro, Massachusetts shifted and engulfed a garage. Now, after four decades, the Jeep has been removed from the garage, and holy shit, does it look terrible. Of course, the extraction method—which consisted of a tractor yanking the Jeep out with a chain by what looks like the axle tube— didn’t seem to have helped much, either:This is a sad day for Jeep nerds. I myself am weeping on my keyboard, while simultaneously wondering if maybe, somehow, I could give this thing a new lease on life. AdvertisementAdvertisementAnd boy, did that rust have an effect on this once-gorgeous old razor-grille Wagoneer.

Here's What A Jeep Wagoneer Looks Like After 40 Years Under A Sand Dune

A Jeep Buried In A Sand Dune For 40 Years Gets Freed This Week
Sometime back in 1977, what is generally remembered to be a white Jeep Wagoneer was parked in a garage in Truro, MA, near the tip of Cape Cod. “I’m not even sure it’s a Jeep.”A neighbor with better recall seems to think it’s a white Jeep Wagoneer, and others seem to remember the Jeep driving on the beach. That Jeep and the garage it was in were filled and covered in sand from a shifting dune, and have remained entombed, like the great Pharaoh AMCenaten, for four decades. His mother owns the Jeep, which has been entombed for 40 years in a wind-blown and sand-filled garage at 135 South Pamet Road. The Jeep’s owners, the Musnuff family, had wanted to free the Jeep for years, but for beach erosion reasons, the town would not let them remove the sand.

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