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Jeep ‘Yuntu’ concept teased again ahead of Shanghai debut

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The Jeep Yuntu concept looks a little different from rumoured Jeep K8 concept that was revealed in leaked images last week. The Yuntu concept looks more radical, while the K8 concept appears to have a near-production design. Jeep has released two teasers of its new concept SUV that will debut at Auto Shanghai 2017 this month. Also Read: FCA India to export Jeep Compass to South Africa, Australia & JapanThe Jeep Yuntu concept has a badge on its front door that says that it is a plug-in hybrid vehicle. Along with the release of the teasers, the company has announced the Chinese name of the concept model – ‘Jeep Yuntu’.

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Jeep teases a hybrid concept for the 2017 Shanghai auto show

Follow Viknesh Add to circleJeep is set to unveil what’s shaping up to be a stylish little SUV concept at next week’s 2017 Shanghai auto show. We’ll have more details soon as the Shanghai auto show opens its doors on April 19. The teasers also reveal that the concept is powered by a plug-in hybrid powertrain. The concept is also thought to be sized between the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee and fitted with third-row seats. The beltline, floating roof and wheel arches resemble elements on the latest Jeep Compass, however, the front and rear of the concept are unique.

Jeep teases a hybrid concept for the 2017 Shanghai auto show

Jeep 'Yuntu' concept teased again: To debut at 2017 Shanghai Motor show
The new model teased in the image is very similar to previously leaked Jeep K8 concept although, in the process of releasing the teaser, Jeep has also disclosed the Chinese name of the concept which is ‘Yuntu’. Jeep which recently unveiled the Compass mid size SUV for the Indian market has revealed two teaser images of its upcoming concepts. The Jeep Yuntu is currently meant for the Chinese market and will be powered by a plug-in hybrid system which is evident from the badge on its front fender. Yuntu looks much more funkier and futuristic whereas the K8 bears very close resemblance to the Jeep Compass production model. The production version of the vehicle will be entering the Chinese market by the year 2018 whereas it remains to be seen whether the Yuntu enters the Indian territory anytime soon.

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