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Louisiana Attorney General warns people about buying used cars after Harvey and Irma

Attorney General Jeff Landry is saying Louisiana inhabitants to be careful while shopping for cars after hurricanes Harvey & Irma.
Landry has launched a public service declaration caution about flood-damaged vehicles, saying Harvey flooded an estimated one mn cars & Irma damaged other cars & trucks in the Southeast.
The attorney general tells while shopping for a used vehicle, people ought be suspect of unrealistically low prices; check for musty smells & rust; pull back the carpet for Symptoms of water & notice if the carpet looks new; make sure the power locks & windows work; look for fogging in headlights & taillights; & get a mechanic to check out the vehicle or truck.
Landry too advises getting a toll free vehicle history report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Louisiana Attorney General

Potentially hundreds of thousands of flooded-vehicles influenced with the recent hurricanes can find themselves in used vehicle lots.
Swartz noted vehicle history checks are critical however not always enough.
Thomas Royall, who works for used vehicle dealer CarMax, noted the Inc. too does not take in storm-damaged vehicles.
The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) has the next advices on what to look for in possibly flooded cars.
Check a vehicle’s title history Utilizing the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s VinCheck, the National Motor Vehicle Title data System or a commercially obtainable vehicle history report service, like Experian or Carfax, etc.

I-TEAM: the method to spot flooded used cars

Flooded cars can recently wash up here in Michigan.
According to Carfax, Michigan ranks in the highest ten states where flooded cars are re-sold.
In his 13 years of fixing cars, Mike Meulman has seen a flooded vehicle or two.
“People bring it in for checks, they only purchased the vehicle & This time they’re having all types of electrical crises & you get into it & you’re such as wow, this vehicle has been flooded,” Meulman said.
You can check by The National Insurance Crime Bureau by click here: https://www.nicb.org/theft_and_fraud_awareness/vincheckFor further advices from Carfax, click here.



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