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Mercedes-Benz ready to launch 10 new electric vehicle models

referring to Mercedes-Benz had already committed to launch 10 new electric vehicle models within the next decade, but now it’s looking to launch them by 2022, which is at least three years earlier than it had previously discussed.
Emissions pressures are one cause, as Daimler has been affected by the diesel’s fallout among automakers after the Volkswagen scandal.
The electrification efforts also help with long-term goals, including fielding reliable autonomous vehicles and fleets.
Mercedes sees the shift to electric as a more urgent one than it anticipated, and wants to lead, rather than follow as the industry makes this shift.
Daimler’s multiple mobility service initiatives include car2go, Moovel and Mytaxi, all of whose models would benefit from improvements in EV range and affordability.


as declared in It was the first showing in a larger plan to create an electric “EQ” sub-brand and bring 10 new EVs to its lineup by 2025.
Last year, Mercedes-Benz unveiled its Generation EQ concept to preview the new electric vehicle that it plans bring to market by 2020.
The Volkswagen scandal is seemingly unrelenting , and Renault FCA , and even Mercedes are facing their own diesel probes.
“Among development teams, especially in diesel, there are signs there’s less to do as electrification is starting to have an impact,” says Daimler supervisory board member Roman Zitzelsberger.
Whether it’s a reaction to emissions concerns or a genuine desire to get cleaner, more technologically advanced cars in the hands of customers, Mercedes is on board, and those new offerings will be here sooner rather than later.

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SRM Auto Tec launches new high-end buses with Mercedes-Benz chassis

Mercedes Benz

CHENNAI: SRM Auto Tec has said that it has launched a new series of high-end buses with Mercedes-Benz chassis.
We started out with mini buses, omnis, sleeper buses and staff buses for transportation to our institutions.
The Chennai-based bus body assembler said on Saturday that the two buses launched would hopefully result in more orders in the high-end, multi-axle segment.
“We are currently getting the body parts from players like Ashok Leyland and now Mercedes Benz.
“The new buses have been fitted with BS III, 354 HP engine with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 22,200kg.

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