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New Mexico man dies after Jeep goes off cliff

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STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — A man in his 60s sustained injuries after his Jeep was overturned Saturday night in Eltingville, according to a spokesman for Volunteer Heart Ambulance. Volunteer Heart Ambulance is based in Sea View and has been responding to 911 calls across Staten Island since 1972. The man was transported to Staten Island University Hospital, Ocean Breeze, with non-life threatening injuries after the crash, which occurred at about 10 p.m. at Bamberger Lane and Amboy Road, according to a spokesman for Volunteer Heart Ambulance. FOLLOW TRACEY PORPORA ON FACEBOOK

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New Mexico man dies after Jeep goes off cliff

New Mexico State Police say a man died Sunday morning when the 1998 Jeep he was driving went over a cliff and dropped into a “deep canyon,” near High Rolls, New Mexico. Police said they believe the men were not wearing seat belts and alcohol may have been a factor, but the crash remains under investigation. Baca was transported to Gerald Champion Hospital in Alamogordo, but had to be transferred to University Medical Center in El Paso, police said. Edward Pitkus III, 25, of Tularosa, New Mexico was pronounced dead at the scene after police say, he and his passenger “failed to navigate a bend in the road” and dropped into a canyon on Westside Road. Both Pitkus and his passenger, Charles Baca, 23, also of Tularosa, were ejected from the Jeep, but Baca was able to exit the canyon by foot where he found a random campsite and was able to contact emergency services, police said.

New Mexico man dies after Jeep goes off cliff

25-year-old man accused of beating victim then stealing his Jeep and setting it on fire
A 25-year-old Worcester man will be brought to court after authorities say he choked another man earlier this month, then stole the victim’s Jeep and set it on fire. “The suspect then took the keys to the victim’s vehicle and drove it behind the auto body. The owner of the vehicle, a 29-year-old man, told police he got into argument with Alers. “The victim was punched in the face and placed in a choke hold by the suspect,” police said. When the victim checked the area, he saw his Jeep in flames.

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