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“New York Post” said : Jeep buried in sand dune finally dug out after 40 years

– A Jeep buried in sand in Massachusetts 40 years ago has finally been dug out. It had been stored in a garage that was long ago buried by shifting sand dunes. Munsnuff says he snagged a few souvenirs from the barely recognizable wreckage, including the Jeep’s hub caps and door handles. The Jeep had once been painted white with a green interior. Work crews early Friday pulled out the rusted remnants of what John Munsnuff says was once his family’s “beach buggy” at the home they’ve long owned near Ballston Beach in Cape Cod.

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Jeep buried in Truro dune for 40 years to be removed

Jeep buried in Truro dune for 40 years to be removed
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Watch the removal of a Jeep buried in a Cape Cod sand dune for 40 years
Near the tip of Cape Cod, a white Jeep Wagoneer was entombed in a partially collapsed garage under a sand dune. The Jeep was parked in a garage in Truro in 1977, when a shifting sand dune buried both the car and the garage. Now, the town is allowing the shifting dune to cover nearby parking spaces, so they asked the Musnuff family to set free the trapped Wagoneer. For decades, the vehicle’s owners — the Musnuff family — have wanted to dig it out, but town officials prohibited its removal, citing issues regarding beach erosion. Advertisement”It’s probably going to fall apart like something out of Indiana Jones,” Basil Musnuff, whose mother owns the Jeep, told the Cape Cod Times.

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