“Patch” said : Driver In Horrific Auto Auction Crash Says Car Accelerated On Its Own

Victims Identified in Fatal Lynnway Auto Auction Crash. Jim Lamb, the president of the Lynnway Auto Auction, said he hired the man in 2010 and he had a valid Massachusetts driver’s license at the time. QUINCY, MA — The driver of a Jeep that crashed into a crowd at the Lynnway Auto Auction in Billerica on Wednesday told WHDH that the Jeep accelerated on its own. Three people were killed and nine injured after the Jeep drove into the crowd of people viewing cars at the auto auction. Brenda Lopez, 48, of Rhode Island, and Pantaleon Santos, 49, of Rhode Island, were pronounced dead at the scene.

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‘I’m Very Upset’: Driver in Fatal Auto Auction Crash Speaks

'I'm Very Upset': Driver in Fatal Auto Auction Crash Speaks
The driver behind the wheel in the deadly Lynnway Auto Auction crash is talking about the devastating accident for the first time. Driver in Fatal Auto Auction Crash Had Suspended LicenseThe driver who plowed into a crowd and crashed through a wall at an auto auction site Wednesday morning in Billerica, Massachusetts, killing three people, had a suspended license at the time. The driver of a car that crashed into a building at the Lynnway Auto Auction in Billerica, Massachusetts speaks for the first time since the fatal accident. The president of the Lynnway Auto Auction, Jim Lamb, said the company checks licenses when drivers are first hired, but there is no follow-up. “I’m very upset, and very unhappy and very sorry about what happened and who got hurt,” the driver said Friday night.

Driver in fatal Lynnway Auto Auction crash claims vehicle was defective
“Then all of a sudden, the car by itself, just took off…somehow it just accelerated,” the driver told Boston 25 News. The Lynnway Auto Auction employee, who was driving a Jeep when it struck and killed three people inside the business Wednesday, claims the vehicle was defective. The Jeep driver told Boston 25 News that he was driving slowly into the building. “We were informed by the police on Wednesday that the driver of the Jeep had a suspended license,” Lynnway Auto Auction President Jim Lamb said in a statement. The driver told the television station he was, “A thousand percent sorry that anybody who got hurt…and anybody who got worse than hurt…I wish I could have changed it.”

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