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“POLITICO” declare : Donald Trump has the Design Taste of a Dictator

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In person, the Trump look is that distinctive hair, oversized suits (apparently from the expensive Italian clothier Brioni) and long, shiny, red ties. The best aesthetic descriptor of Trump’s look, I’d argue, is dictator style. Gold furniture, gold wall decorations, columns with gold capitals, gold taps. Every good brand needs a theme and an aesthetic, and President Donald Trump has spent decades cultivating both. The Trump look is miles from the architectural tradition of Washington, D.C., a city kept deliberately low-rise in its center, and whose neoclassical public buildings evoke stability and trustworthiness through their restraint.

as declared in Stephen Colbert has torn into Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) for having dinner with President Donald Trump at the White House. Trump repeatedly called his opponent “Lyin’ Ted” and retweeted an unfavorable photograph of the Texan senator’s wife, Heidi Cruz. “You and your wife (who is a 3 at best) are invited to dinner,” it read. Cruz, meanwhile, called Trump a “pathological liar,” “utterly amoral” and a “serial philanderer.”But the pair now appear to be getting on well enough for Trump to ask Cruz and his daughters over for food, and it doesn’t sit well with Colbert. He also insinuated that his father, Rafael Cruz, was linked to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Stephen Colbert Takes Aim At Ted Cruz's Dinner Date With Donald Trump
as declared in

Donald Trump Signs On to Paul Ryan’s Let-Them-Die ‘Health-Care’ Crusade

Or that the analysts at S&P Global Ratings estimate that Paul Ryan’s Rosemary’s baby will strip health care from 6 to 10 million Americans right off the bat. But what Donald Trump exposed during the Republican primaries is that base Republicans have never been fully on board. For Ryan, the best course of action is to ram through his House bill before even more Republicans get cold feet. And now, Donald Trump is on board with Ryan’s sales plan. Donald Trump made his long-awaited pivot, and truly became a Republican this week.

Donald Trump Signs On to Paul Ryan's Let-Them-Die 'Health-Care' Crusade

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