“Q13 FOX News” said : Critically injured woman rescued after Jeep plunges 1,000 feet off cliff

Two medics and two rope rescue tech deputies traversed over the cliff and down to the injured woman. WILKESON, Wash. — Authorities were able to rescue a critically injured woman who had been in a Jeep that plunged about 1,000 feet off a cliff on the 520 Trail near the Evans Creek Campground in Pierce County, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department said Monday. Deputies slid another 300 feet down the cliff, where they located the badly damaged jeep and the male driver, who was deceased,” the department said in a news release. “The woman was conscious but suffering from critical injuries, and was covered in coats and blankets provided by the witnesses. The sheriff’s department said deputies received a call at about 5 p.m. on Saturday that a Jeep had gone over a steep cliff and that a man and woman had been in the vehicle.

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Athens woman campaigning to be voice of Jeep wins awards

Athens woman campaigning to be voice of Jeep wins awards
The Athens woman who waged a campaign to become the first female voiceover artist for Jeep is now being rewarded for her efforts. Buttrick created a series of videos, emails and mailers marketing herself as the new voice of Jeep and sent them to the leaders of the car company. She received a silver Telly Award for her overall campaign along with three bronze awards for different video series she created as a part of it. Kelley Buttrick won multiple Telly Awards. While she didn’t get the job, she was honored for her work.

Southeast Georgia woman dies after falling from moving Jeep in Nassau County
A Southeast Georgia woman died after falling out of a sport utility vehicle traveling on a Nassau County road Saturday night, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. Evans, who wasn’t wearing a seat belt, died after being flown to UF Health Jacksonville, according to the Highway Patrol. Brittanie Gail Evans, 24, of Douglas, was among three passengers in a Jeep Wrangler driven by John Benjamin Mills, 30, of Fitzgerald, Ga., traveling west on Pages Dairy Road west of Yulee Hills Road about 11:30 p.m. For an unknown reason, Evans, who had been in right passenger seat, was leaning out of the Jeep. She then fell out of the right side of the vehicle and hit the paved shoulder of Pages Dairy Road.

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