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“Road & Track” said : Jeep Renegade Pickup Conversion

This custom-built Jeep Renegade “Comanche” appeared on eBay and Craigslist recently, and we couldn’t help wonder how it came to be. Their wish will be fulfilled next year in the form of the new Wrangler, but for now, we think this wild Renegade pickup conversion will do just fine. So if you’re in the market for a Jeep pickup, but don’t want to wait for the new Wrangler, this Renegade conversion could be the car for you. So we called up its builder, Allen, to see what it took to create the world’s only Renegade pickup. Instead of getting it redone to factory spec, he cut the body off from the B-pillar back and got to work creating a tiny Jeep pickup.

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Custom Jeep Renegade ‘Comanche’ pickup hits Ebay

Custom Jeep Renegade 'Comanche' pickup hits Ebay
Related Image Expand / CollapseA Jeep customizer in Florida has built a pickup based on the Jeep Renegade subcompact SUV. The trucklet is currently listed on Ebay (where bidding reached $32,000 on Wednesday morning), and Boar Customs says it’s planning to build a few more. Jeep itself is putting the finishing touches on a Wrangler-based pickup that will be on sale next year in the midsize class but should look like a heavy duty compared to this. NEW JEEP WAGONEER AND WRANGLER PICKUP CONFIRMED: Related Image Expand / CollapseInspired by an official Jeep concept that was revealed last year with a classic military-style bed side design, the “Comanche” was created by Boar Customs from a Renegade that had been wrecked in a serious accident.

You Can Buy This Jeep Renegade 'Comanche' Pickup on eBay Right Now
But for those who don’t want to wait until 2019 for your Wrangler pickup , you can buy this one-off Jeep Renegade that has been converted into a small truck on eBay right now . Many Jeep enthusiasts with fond memories of the automaker’s previous truck offerings were thrilled when a Wrangler-based pickup truck was announced. This Renegade has been rebranded as a Comanche—Jeep’s last pickup truck that was based on the XJ Cherokee. Though the eBay posting says it still has a factory warranty the status of some body components may be questionable with these modifications. The eBay posting provides no information on who did the conversion, how it was made, or what materials were used, but it certainly looks the part and appears more rugged than the standard Renegade.

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