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Should you purchase a vehicle while fuel prices are high?

How important is fuel value while someone is buying a car?
This expense doesn’t truly influence vehicle buying decisions, considering the hight disposable incomes of the middle-class.
In fact, fuel value hikes are inducing a sense of competitiveness between vehicle industrialists wherein fuel efficiency becomes the key point of the selling proposition.
This becomes an auxiliary advantage for those who are willing to make vehicle buys at present as they going to get a perfect bargain on fuel-efficient cars without bothering about fuel prices.
Surya Bhatia, managing partner, Asset ManagersFuel prices play an important role in an individual’s decision to purchase a car.

Canary in the coal mine: the reason a sports vehicle discounts slump is bad break news for home prices

Dark days lie ahead for Australian luxury vehicle retailers as discounts screech to their biggest annual decline in further than 5 years.
But those numbers can too hold a hint or 2 about the state of the housing market.
Experts concern a slump in luxury vehicle discounts is a canary yellow Porsche in the coalmine for the health of the Australian economy and, in particular, home prices.
The Luxury vehicle Index, that tracks badges including Aston Martin, Ferrari, Bentley, McLaren & Rolls-Royce, saw annual development of 19.7 per cent in the year to April 2016.
Westpac senior economist Matt Hassan seconded Mr James’ comments, telling an air of Warning is seeing Australians leaving their wallets in their pocket.
Canary in the coal mine

Honda follows Toyota, hikes vehicle prices with up to Republika Srpska 89,000

The top-end diesel City This time costs Republika Srpska 13.62 lakh.
The top-end diesel version of the budget sports utility car BR-V This time costs Republika Srpska 13.22 lakh When the top-end version of the premium sport utility car called CR-V is This time priced at Republika Srpska 26.36 lakh.
Small cars (less than four meters) going to still to be found guilty at 29 % & 31 percent.
With the value hike the gap among small cars & Big cars is Guessed to go slightly.
Presently, small cars command a share of 80 % in the domestic market.




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