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Toyota is trying a substantially sun oriented rooftop for its electric cars

Toyota will begin testing another sunlight-based rooftop for the Prius that it says can include as much as 44.5 km of range to the module half and half daily.

The sun-oriented cells, which are being made by Sharp, are simply 0.03mm thick,

however, convey around 860 watts of intensity, and can even charge the vehicle while it’s being driven.

is because of begins on open streets not long from now,

yet there’s no word on when it may make it into a business vehicle.

This isn’t the first run-through Toyota has made sun-based boards accessible for its autos.

Path in 2010 the producer sold boards that could be utilized to energize the vehicle’s helper battery

(which forces optional frameworks like the sat-nav and atmosphere control).

The distinction here is that the new boards are significantly more proficient.

They’re fitting for delivering very nearly fivefold the amount of intensity as the past model

and can give more than multiple times the measure of range.

Toyota doesn’t as of now produce any unadulterated electric cars

Toyota models don’t right now create any unadulterated electric vehicles

(except if you check the hydrogen-fueled Mirai) so these sun-based rooftops are bound for module half and halves until further notice.

Toyota has recently advocated its choice to concentrate on mixtures by saying that on the off chance

that it utilizes its battery generation ability to create a bigger measure of half-breeds,

at that point, it will lessen carbon discharges more than if it delivered a littler measure of unadulterated electric vehicles.

Nonetheless, a month ago it reported designs to deliver an all-electric drivetrain stage in association with Subaru,

showing that an all-electric Toyota could arrive in the end.

Considering the generally minor power yield you can get from putting sun-powered boards on the top of a vehicle contrasted with the top of a structure,

also the difficulties of doing as such, it’s not astounding that the thought hasn’t generally taken off yet.

Be that as it may, there are a couple of organizations exploring different avenues regarding it.

Most quite, the startup Lightyear plans to begin conveying its “sunlight-based vehicle” to clients in 2021,

and Hyundai likewise declared designs to begin introducing sun-based rooftops on select autos a year ago.

Now it is playing with a sun-powered rooftop for its next electric cars

Toyota doesn’t have an all-electric vehicle yet however is right now trying different things with sun-based rooftops on its Prius half-breed,

with open tests beginning in the not-so-distant future.

The organization was recently centering around half and halves as an approach to utilize its restricted battery generation limit and put more vehicles out and about,

however, on the off chance that ongoing news is any sign, that methodology could be going to change.

At the point when the Japanese automaker isn’t caught up with structure self-driving stores on haggles autos,

it keeps its hands occupied by giving new thoughts a shot on how to make electric vehicles keep going longer out and about before you need a charge.

The organization as of late begun openly testing another variant of its sun-based rooftop for the Prius PHV,

which can mean 44.5 km (27.6 miles) of range multi-day,

or even up to 56.3km (35 miles) when utilizing the helper control that likewise drives AC, route, and different frameworks.


Nissan Maxima 2020

Nissan Maxima 2020 know more about it


Nissan Maxima 2020 is a four-door lifesize sedan. Its basic structure is shared with the Altima, however the Maxima has historically aimed for a sportier ride.

With the Maxima, Jewish calendar month has had a staple

within the company’s lineup since the Datsun days. Originally, it absolutely was a colorful rear-drive four-door,

later taking on the “four-door sports car” title for the complete.

it’s currently settled into a task because the larger, additional luxurious various to Nissan’s additional conventionally titled family sedans.

Although the Maxima somewhat defies categorization, today’s model  best suited to vie with entry-luxury cars like the Acura TLX, Buick field game, and Lincoln MKZ.

In 2019, the Maxima slightly updated with new front and rear bumpers, updated interior trim colours,

and additional active safety options on additional trim levels as well as blind-spot monitors and adaptational controller.

Jewish calendar month created a safety-technology, as well as automatic emergency braking, customary on the Maxima for 2020.

Nissan Maxima 2020



The Maxima is one in all the faster life-size sedans, and its V-6 engine sounds sensible once it’s pushed exhausting. The 3.5-liter V-6 makes three hundred power unit and moves the Maxima at the side of purpose. The endlessly variable automatic drive (CVT),

however, detracts from the Maxima’s sports-sedan mission. In our testing, a Maxima noble metal sprinted from zero to sixty mph in five.7 seconds, out fast rivals like the Kia passage and therefore the Buick field game.

The Maxima handles well for its size. The suspension nicely damped and firm to the purpose of being maybe too stiff for the category. The Maxima exhibits very little body lean in aggressive cornering maneuvers, and in our testing, the Maxima SR simply outhandled its rivals.


Nissan Maxima 2020 interior

Nissan Maxima 2020 interior

The Maxima offers area for 5 in a very well-executed cabin that  with soft-touch materials, straightforward controls, and plenty of high-end options. Front-seat legroom is among the most effective within the category,

whereas headroom is average. Rear-seat house isn’t as generous because it is in larger rivals like the Chevrolet Aepyceros melampus and also the Toyota Avalon 2020. Power-adjustable driver and front-passenger seats, a leather-wrapped handwheel and shift knob, dual-zone automatic climate management, associate degree auto-dimming car mirror,

and push-button begin square measure normal across the board. one in every of the tiniest trunks within the class suggests that the Maxima starts with a drawback in shipment hauling;

but, its larger cubbies square measure convenient places to stash everyday things, and its rear seatbacks fold right down to accommodate larger things.

Nissan Maxima 2020

Nissan Maxima 2020


The maxima boasts superior crash-test results as well as recognition for its driver-assistance features

Firstly, standard automated emergency braking

Secondly, standard forward-collision warning

Thirdly, available adaptive cruise control

Fuel economy

With sensible fuel-economy ratings moreover as above-average ends up in our real-world testing, the Maxima’s powertrain proves itself adept at mixing performance and potency.

Its long main road cruising vary conjointly makes it an ideal long-distance companion. throughout our 200-mile main road fuel-economy check route, we have a tendency to exceeded the Maxima’s EPA rating, achieving a powerful thirty two mpg.







Nissan leaf 2019 models

Nissan leaf 2019 models review


Nissan leaf 2019  models are  an Quick, smooth acceleration and broad complement of driver assistance features

Now peeker automotive will show you review and price for this car

Nissan leaf 2019 models

It provides 150 miles of range on a charge, which is far less than the bolt’s 238 miles or the model 3’s 310 miles

The new Hyundai Kona electric should be another strong pick this year thanks to its 258 miles of range

The Nissan Leaf 2019  may be a compact electrical hatchback out there in 2 versions: the regular Leaf and also the Leaf and.

the 2 dissent in the main in their battery. The regular Leaf features a 40-kWh battery that is sensible for regarding one hundred fifty miles of vary.

Nisan upgrades the Leaf and with a 60-kWh battery that has 226 miles of vary. The and additionally features

an additional powerful 214-horsepower motor compared to the regular model’s 147-hp motor.

Nissan leaf 2019 models

Each is out there in one in all 3 trim levels: S, SV and SL. The S starts out with 16-inch steel wheels, automatic headlights, light-emitting diode taillights,

a rear spoiler, keyless entry and begin, a rearview camera, a tilt-only wheel, automatic climate management, a height-adjustable driver’s seat,

60/40-split rear seats, a 5-inch central show, Bluetooth, a USB port, and a four-speaker electronic equipment with a CD player and satellite radio.

Forward collision warning with automatic braking is additionally commonplace.

The nonmandatory Charge package (standard on the Leaf and S) includes a DC fast-charger port (CHAdeMO standard) and a conveyable charge cable capable of connecting to 120- and 240-volt sources.

The SV comes with the Charge package, 17-inch alloy wheels, foglights, accommodative control,

a leather-wrapped wheel, a 7-inch touchscreen, navigation, NissanConnect (Nissan’s internet property and remote-access system)

and a six-speaker system with HD radio and Apple CarPlay and humanoid motorcar smartphone integration.

Nissan leaf 2019 models

Nissan leaf 2019 models


It features a traditionally located speedometer and improved radio controls

Seating spaciousness and ease of entry are strong points

With basic control such as windows switches and steering stalks are simple

The infotainment system is straightforward and though the climate controls look dated , their use is self-evident

The long doors open wide and the doorsills are short

The seat height is good for ease of entry and the roof is suitable

The rear door openings are amazing and the flattish roofline aid entry there too

the driver’s seat is seated somewhat high and may not adjust down far enough to suit the tallest pilots

the leaf’s cabin is not terribly wide, but it feels appropriate for its size

also, the interior materials in the Nissan leaf look a grade better than those of its predecessor

Nissan leaf 2019 interior

Nissan leaf 2019 interior

Dodge charger 2020

Dodge charger 2020 review


Dodge charger 2020 has powerful V-8 power, combative looks and reachable price

in addition, some models for Dodge 2020 peeker automotive was talked about it like Dodge Durango SRT 2020 

Also, Chargers with the Widebody package return customary with three-mode reconciling Bilstein dampers. choosing the Widebody package conjointly carries over the brakes and rotors from the vixen
and 20- x 11-inch wheels wrapped with wider tires.

Dodge charger 2020

Throughout the lineup, Dodge has additional myriad wheel choices, with names like Devil’s Rim and Warp Speed, and stand. consumers trying to additional customise
the appearance of their Charger will prefer the cloth Black look package that covers the hood, roof,

decklid, and spoiler. For those needing to spruce up the inside, Dodge is currently providing a Carbon and Suede package that adds real carbon-fiber accents to the board and console,
further because the addition of pretend suede to the performer, visors, and front roof pillars. miscalculation out changes for 2020 square measure 3 new paint colors: hurt, Hellraisin, and Sinamon.

Engine, transmission and performance

The Charger channels its NASCAR roots with huge V-8 power and rowdy sounds.
However, not each Charger features a mighty Hemi V-8 underneath the hood—what a pity—but they are doing all share a superb eight-speed transmission system

and normal rear-wheel drive. In distinction,
the V-6 is very subdued however will add the provision of all-wheel drive. Dodge does not build a Charger with a manual gear case,

Dodge charger 2020

however it’d be most cooler if it did. the quality V-6 is not any slouch, however it lacks the giddy-up of front-drivers like the Nissan Maxima and therefore the Buick field game.
The a lot of powerful versions surpass the strip,

wherever the four85-hp Charger R/T singing Pack denote a formidable 4.1-second sprint to sixty mph. The 370-hp Charger has enough ponies to run most family sedans.

The bright (Green Go) Charger we have a tendency to paraded around city had a quiet and composed ride.
Its giant 20-inch wheels were relaxed on most surfaces, however obstacles like railroad crossings and potholes noncontinuous its disposition.

The big-bodied sedan was remarkably balanced once cornering, too. though the V-6 version we have a tendency to tested had nearly identical cornering grip, the Daytona’s hefty HP advantage amplified the fun
. The electrically aided steering mechanism contributes to the Charger’s purposeful management,
however its feedback is just too serious and slow to be partaking. We’ve tested many Chargers for emergency braking,
and therefore the best results came from the superior models with upgraded brakes and stickier summer performance tires.

Dodge charger 2020

Dodge charger 2020

Interior and comfort

The charger’s interior is highly functional with more rubberized materials than the set of an adult film
Apart from excellent rear-seat legroom, its passenger space is below average
Also, the cabin’s simplistic design is classic muscle car, but options are plentiful
Despite its trunk volume is similar to those of most rivals
The charger was able to fit an extra carry on box than its rivals
It held 18 total with the rear stowed, beating the maxima
Its center console features plenty of spots for small items and slot alongside the shifter that is perfect for storing your smartphone

Dodge charger 2020

Dodge charger 2020


The modern day charger has a host of optional high tech assists, including adaptive cruise control and automated emergency braking,
However, these features cost extra and base models are excluded from the most advanced driver assistance options
The charger gained a five star crash test rating from the national highway traffic safety administration

Nissan Rogue 2021

Nissan Rogue 2021 know more about it


Nissan Rogue 2021 wears an additional well-defined form that creates the vehicle look more durable than the present model. The formed grille continues to be in situ,
however it seems to suit additional cleanly into the forepart. The headlights square measure fairly low on the crossover’s face,
however the photographs additionally show the orange reflectors that square measure higher within the corners. this implies a split layout for the lamps that may be an identical vogue to the Nissan Juke.

also, peekerautomotive was talked about Nissan leaf 2019 in specific topic

Nissan Rogue 2021



Nissan Rogue 2021

Nissan Rogue 2021

The back wears tons of camouflage that conceals the styling details. The taillights sit fairly high at the rear however look rather tiny.
These lamps would possibly solely be placeholders at this time in development.
The interior contains a major upgrade over the present scoundrel. The photos show that the digital instrument cluster includes a measuring instrument, speed indicator,
and navigation directions. It seems that there square measure controls for the documentary system on the handwheel.


The infotainment show contains a giant screen, and there a strip of crosscut keys beneath the screen. The buttons embody forward, back, audio, menu, map, and camera choices.

Lower on the middle stack, there square measure the heating and air-con controls. Physical buttons and knobs let occupants build the choices, however the temperature and fan data is on an alphanumeric display.

Nissan Rogue 2021

Nissan Rogue 2021

On the middle console, there is a monostable gear lever – the kind that does not modification physical positions once shift gears. The button for Associate in Nursing electronic hand brake is true behind it.
The dial shows pictograms, that indicates this is often the driving mode selector.

There aren’t any powertrain details for the new varlet, yet

Nissan Rogue 2021

Nissan Rogue 2021

Under the hood


There is still conjecture about which powertrains it’ll employ
A naturally aspirated 2.5-litre petrol unit to be the main source of propulsion, with nissan’s 2.0-litre variable compression turbo engine to be offered in the rogue/X-Trail
Power will be fed through a continuously variable transmission to the front wheels or all four as an option
Nissan will have access to a plug in hybrid powertrain that could provide to 43 miles of electric only driving

Nissan Leaf 2019

Nissan Leaf 2019 review and best interior


Nissan Leaf 2019 has incredibly steadfast and fulfilled clients. They adored the modest running costs, comfort of home charging, quiet, and straightforward reasonableness. Also, they enjoyed that at the top and base it was only a vehicle – five seats, great boot, simple to drive, reasonable to purchase. Individuals who have claimed electric vehicles stay away for the indefinite future to ignition.

also, peekerautomotive was talked about many types of cars such as ford models

Nissan Leaf 2019

The engine is equivalent to previously. In any case, another inverter – the substantial electronic gadget that provisions and controls the power circumventing the vehicle – is all the more dominant. So the engine would now be able to grow significantly more power, 150bhp, and the 0-62 time tumbles to 7.9sec.

The battery is a similar physical size as it generally seemed to be, however new science and the executives implies it has a limit of 40kWh. Nissan has tried it in the new increasingly reasonable worldwide test convention, WLTP, and got 168 miles’ range. On the current whenever defamed EU cycle it gets 235 miles.

Nissan is likewise hectically introducing all the more high-control DC chargers – it as of now has twice the same number of crosswise over Europe as Tesla has Superchargers. In any case, at that point with shorter range than a Tesla you need visit them all the more frequently in an adventure.


Most carmakers are still as long as two years from propelling their first legitimate independent standard electric vehicles. However here’s Nissan propelling an entire second era of the Leaf. Indeed, even in its last a long time of generation, the active Leaf was beating in Britain all other unadulterated EVs set up together.

That unique Leaf has incredibly faithful and fulfilled clients. They cherished the minor running costs, accommodation of home charging, quiet, and straightforward common sense. What’s more, they preferred that at the top and base it was only a vehicle – five seats, great boot, simple to drive, moderate to purchase. Individuals who have claimed electric vehicles stay away forever to burning.

In any case, that first Leaf had shortcomings. In reality as we know it where Tesla got the features if not the business administration, it was moderate and ailing in go (however it showed signs of improvement with the 30kWh battery redesign). It looked odd. What’s more, as all autos showed signs of improvement network and driver help, the Leaf required redesigns there as well.

So those are the new Leaf’s guarantees. Snappier, further-coming to between charges, better-looking, more help. What’s more, costs are lower, model for model.

The engine is equivalent to previously. In any case, another inverter – the hard core electronic gadget that provisions and controls the power circumventing the vehicle – is all the more dominant. So the engine would now be able to grow significantly more power, 150bhp, and the 0-62 time tumbles to 7.9sec.

The battery is a similar physical size as it generally might have been, however new science and the executives implies it has a limit of 40kWh. Nissan has tried it in the new increasingly sensible worldwide test convention, WLTP, and got 168 miles’ range. On the current whenever ruined EU cycle it gets 235 miles.

Nissan Leaf 2019

Nissan Leaf 2019

Nissan Leaf 2019


In spite of the fact that the lodges of the Leaf S and SVs are an ocean of dark plastic,

the well-gathered and uniform surfaces assist it with abstaining from looking modest.

The SL model offers a discretionary light-dim cowhide inside with a coordinating scramble cushion that splits up the dullness. The driver faces a cross breed check bunch where a huge simple speedometer

is situated by a 7.0-inch computerized readout that can be reconfigured to show an assortment of menus.

The Leaf’s seats are profoundly padded and La-Z-Boy agreeable; the roomy back seat offers a lot of space for grown-up riders, as well.

The base Leaf accompanies a little 5.0-inch shading radio presentation that we’re hesitant to call

“infotainment.” Upgrading to the SV or the SL brings a bigger, 7.0-inch touchscreen framework

with Nissan’s most recent Nissan Connect programming, coordinated route, and Apple CarPlay

and Android Auto similarity. Moving up to one of the Plus models builds the screen size to 8.0 inches.

Bose framework is selective to the SL and SL Plus models however didn’t dazzle us during our test drive.

Regardless of the way that the Leaf’s secondary lounge doesn’t crease to make a level burden floor,

we saw the load limit as among the best in its group. We fit seven portable bags behind the rearward

sitting arrangement and an astounding 19 with the secondary lounge collapsed. For examination,

both the Bolt EV and the e-Golf held five in their payload territories and maximized at 16 with their secondary lounges stowed. The Niro EV—which is in fact an all-electric SUV—held somewhat more load in our testing, yet the Leaf still is tops among electric autos.


Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck and new dramatic fashion


Tesla Cybertruck comes with dramatic fashion at the tesla design center in Hawthome
The vehicle made of cold-rolled steel and features amored glass that cracked in one demonstration and an adaptive air suspension

Tesla Cybertruck


Firstly, Cybertruck constructed with an exterior shell made for ultimate durability and passenger protection
Beginning with a nearly invincible exoskeleton, every component is arranged for admirable strength and endurance, from ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless-steel structural skin to tesla armor glass
and The truck will help self-leveling suspension that refunds for variable load and some models will have all wheel drive
Also, standard features include on board power inventers for supplying both 120 and 240 volt electricity
in addition, Allowing use of power tools without a portable generator
Also, The exterior is bullet resistant against 9 mm caliber bullets


secondly, The cybertruck brings unibody construction like most passenger cars, rather than the body on frame construction that is typical of trucks as a standard vehicle frame would conflict with the under floor battery pack

It brings thick 3mm 30x-series stainless steel body panels


thirdly, The powertrain is similar to tesla model x with an inductive rear motor and the model 3’s permanent magnet in front for the medium model
Other versions are single motor rear wheel drive, or tri-motor with one front and two rear motors

Ultra-strong glass and polymer-layered composite can absorb and redirect impact force for improved performance and damage tolerance


Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck

also, Entering a new class of strength, speed and versatility
Only possible with an all electric design
The powerful drivetrain and low center of gravity offers extraordinary traction control and torque enabling acceleration from 0-60 mph in as little as 2.9 seconds and up to 500 miles of range

Finally, the state of tesla  in developing cybertruck is to provide a sustainable energy for the roughly 6.500 fossil fuel powered trucks sold per day in the US

Jeep models 2020

Jeep models 2020 know more about it part two


Jeep models 2020 were talked about in the previous topic

Now we will follow the topic, read and enjoy with Jeep models 2020 

Jeep wrangler 2020


It is on the good old fashioned internal combustion engine-powered models should do the trick

The JL Wrangler arrived as a 2018-year model

it’s only recently received a one-star rating underneath the ECU NCAP crash take a look at the body, however, most motorcar enthusiasts won’t be daunted by that. particularly on this aspect of the Atlantic.

Although it’d not provide you with the foremost modern of cabins, the motorcar Wrangler excels once it involves traversing rugged terrains. After all, that’s what it absolutely designed for.

moreover, the higher tiers really provide quite fashionable picture systems with associate degree accessible eight.4-inch touchscreen show.

they may be more cost-effective although, as even the bottom models price quite $28,000.

to not mention their not-overly-refined road manners.

One of the next-gen Wrangler’s biggest benefits is its colourful powertrain lineup that ought to feature one thing for everybody.

excluding the said forthcoming Wrangler PHEV, the present lineup offers no but 3 distinct combustion powerplants.

Most Wranglers can leave the Ohio assembly with the verified three.6L Pentastar V6 capable of delivering 285 H.P.

associate degree nonobligatory mild-hybrid-assisted a pair of.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine

generates 270 ponies and improves the off-roader’s fuel economy by returning up to twenty-four miles

to the gallon combined. It completely offered with associate degree 8-speed case, however,

whereas the Pentastar will have with a correct stick additionally

Jeep models 2020

 wagoneer 2020 and grand wagoneer



Both of them are some of the most creative nameplates in many ways

It will appear they delayed another time as FCA desires to prolong the DS Ram’s life because of the still-unwavering demand for it.

and This is sensible considering the last-generation Ram’s tooling has been paid off a moment agone, thence their costs are hampering significantly.

Jeep models 2020

this offers the shoppers an honest deal on a capable pickup whereas at the same time increasing the company’s profits.

Even additional significantly, this offers the FCA a chance to switch weight unit because of the best mercantilism truck manufacturer within the U.S.

The revived machine Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer can, so possible arrive for MY 2021 (or even in 2021 as 2022-year models), however, there’s still an opportunity we’ll see them in 2020 – a minimum of as check mules and/or prototypes.

and can possibly borrow the life-sized pickup’s engines likewise. This puts the stalwart three.6L Pentastar V6 and a couple of HEMI V8s into the combo at this time. The new Ram will feature hybridized powertrains.




2019 Bentley Bentayga

2019 Bentley Bentayga New Models

2019 Bentley Bentayga made it out to the market with four fabulous models.

Moreover, Bentley is releasing the future of its cars.

The Bentley models come as follows, Bentayga speed, V8, Diesel, and hybrid.

However, each model of those magnificent cars has its own unique specs and we will go through them all.

2019 Bentley Bentayga speed

2019 Bentley Bentayga speed is the fastest SUV in the world with an unmatched power and marvelous levels of craftsmanship.

Moreover, the car comes with a top speed of 190mph, with an exquisite look from both outside and inside.

Its design is the most elegant design as Bentley usually cares about elegance.

In addition, the car’s technology is excessively cool as it is smart and will keep you always connected wherever you are.

One of its wonders is that its engine capacity is 5950 cc, which is an outstanding capacity for an SUV.

Besides, the car accelerates from zero to 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds while from zero to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds.

2019 Bentley Bentayga V8

Bentley Bentayga V8 is the ideal Bentley model for its balancing performance.

The car comes with distinctive features that make its exterior stunning.

Additionally, the car’s interior is much more elegant like all Bentley’s cars with a luxurious cabin.

Moreover, the car lets the driver experience the luxury at its fullest.

As for the car’s performance, it is powerful and efficient with a top speed of 180 mph, and the V8 engine reflects its fierce capabilities.

Besides, the car’s handling is much better with the V8 engine as you will be able to reach any speed in a flash.

Moreover, the car can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds and from zero to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds.

Bentayga Diesel

This Bentley model is their first diesel model with its world’s most refined 8-cylinder diesel engine.

Moreover, its performance is considered the best with the extended range of a diesel engine.

The car’s looks is just as elegant as any other Bentley is, which is completely luxurious.

In addition, the car’s interior comes with distinctive design details, which gives it a glamorous look from the inside.

As for this model’s performance, its diesel engine delivers a top speed of 168 mph.

Moreover, it can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds as well as from zero to 100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds.

Bentayga Hybrid

2019 Bentley Bentayga

2019 Bentley Bentayga

2019Bentley Bentayga Hybrid is their first reshaped SUV, and it is their first step towards electric cars’ future.

It has the luxurious look of a Bentley as well as exquisite driving experience and performance.

The car’s exterior has what it takes to be called an impressive good-looking vehicle.

Its aluminum exterior balances its sportiness with a marvelous SUV presence.

The car comes with a cool cabin with exquisitely comfortable seats as well as a full control driving experience.

As for the car’s performance, it has the V6 petrol engine as well as an electronic motor that works seamlessly with it.

Therefore, this allows the car to go from zero to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds and from zero to 100 km/h in 5.5 seconds.

Moreover, the car provides an exceptional driving experience to the lucky driver.

Bentley is still one of the auto industry’s pioneers, and with these Bentayga’s models, they will lead the future.

Thus, put into consideration these models, if you are already a Bentley owner or fan.




Tesla Roadster 2020

Tesla Roadster 2020: The Quickest Car in the world

Tesla Roadster 2020 is considered the quickest car in the world for its top speed that it can easily reach within just seconds.

Not only the car has a futuristic look, but also its performance impressed the Tesla community.

In addition, its interior seats four people relentlessly, which is fabulous for a car that has just two doors.

Design and interior

Tesla Roadster 2020

Tesla Roadster 2020

Tesla Roadster 2020 will come with a one of a kind look as Tesla Corporation strives to be the best in amongst the industry.

Tesla’s Roadster 2020 stance is low and wide along with some protuberant cuts in the lower front bumper.

These cuts can also be found in the side skirts and rear end.

The removable Targa top makes it spacious for the drivers to have unlimited headroom.

As for the tech inside the car, it will come with a large touchscreen built-in into the panel, which connects the dashboard and the center console.

Tesla Roadster 2020 will come with cramped four seats by the looks of it with its dramatically angled roofline.

Powertrain and Performance

The car will come with a magnificent performance as claimed by Elon Musk Tesla’s CEO.

He claimed in 2017, the first time Tesla Roadster 2020 unveiled as a concept that it will reach from zero to 60 mph in just 1.9 seconds.

The car is supposed to reach 100 mph with a given time of 4.2 seconds.

Moreover, making its acceleration the quickest of all-electric cars.

Additionally, the Tesla roadster 2020 car has three motors, one in the front and the other two in the rear.

Moreover, this will allow the driver to experience an all-wheel-drive with an outstanding control system while cornering.

Additionally, this car will be one of the best electric cars for the year 2020.

Besides, it will come with a 200 kWh battery, which will provide a range of 620 miles per charge.

As for its quickest acceleration, its top speed is 250 mph, therefore enabling the car to reach the claimed range with total ease.

Tesla Roadster 2020 SPACE-X PACKAGE

Tesla Roadster 2020 will come with the space-x package as claimed by Tesla’s CEO.

However, he said that they would not reveal more info about the package until the end of next year.

On the other hand, they have revealed that the package might include cold air thrusters powered by a system of air pumps and tanks.

Moreover, that would take up much of the space for the backseat.

Tesla Roadster 2020 Pricing

Tesla Roadster 2020 will come with a higher base price range, which will be $200,000.

In addition, the base reservation will most likely cost $50,000.

There is also another version, the founder series, which will mostly cost 250,000.

Moreover, the Tesla Roadster 2020 founder series reservation will be mostly the full price of the car not only a deposit.

Elon Musk Tesla’s CEO said that there are just 1,000 reservations available as for the founders’ series.

He also said that this founder’s series model will be only for those 1,000 reservations.

Moreover, will urge the Tesla community to consider reserving this model.

Tesla always strives to be the best car manufacturer in the industry.

Moreover, this appears properly in there innovative designs and tech.

As for their innovative designs, they made this model they designed it for Performance and Aero Efficiency.

The car is the first supercar that will hit the market by the year 2020 and mostly by the end of it.

They made it set each performance along with seating four people relentlessly as well.

Additionally, the open-air, convertible glass roof will make it a great driving experience for the owners of the new car.

Besides, the car looks cool from the outside and will be even cooler when tested for the first time after the release.

Therefore, if you a Tesla fan, you will probably consider having this marvelous car the second it will be available in the market.