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“The Boston Globe” declare : Jeep entombed for 40 years is unearthed from Cape Cod sand dune

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This aged Jeep Wagoneer was plucked from its unintended burial plot along Ballston Beach, in Truro. AdvertisementThe aged vehicle was plucked this week from its unintended burial plot along Ballston Beach in Truro using a front-end loader and a chain. As the Cape Cod sand dune continued to shift with the rolling ocean tides and high winds, it overwhelmed the wooden shed where the white Jeep Wagoneer had been parked, all but burying it. Morris, the contractor hired to move the Jeep, said the homeowner’s family made off with a few trinkets. But because a coastal dune is a natural resource area under the Wetlands Protection Act, difficulty kept mounting.

as mentioned in A Jeep buried in sand in Massachusetts 40 years ago has finally been dug out. It had been stored in a garage that was long ago buried by shifting sand dunes. ———-New Jeep Wagoneer and Wrangler pickup confirmed: Munsnuff says he snagged a few souvenirs from the barely recognizable wreckage, including the Jeep’s hub caps and door handles. The Jeep had once been painted white with a green interior.

Jeep buried in sand dune for 40 years is finally unearthed
as mentioned in

Jeep removed from garage after being buried for 40 years

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Jeep removed from garage after being buried for 40 years

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