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“The Drive” : Florida Sheriff Organizes Jeep Wrangler Volunteer Squad for Search-and-Rescue Missions

That’s not to say the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office doesn’t have a few off-road toys of their own. But the ability to summon the 27 members of the Jeep Unit to assist on searches, extractions, and even flood rescues has proved to be a huge help for deputies. Jeep Wranglers are nothing if not capable off-road, and one Florida sheriff’s office is taking advantage of the vehicle’s famous abilities by forming an all-volunteer Jeep Search and Rescue Unit to get off-road enthusiasts trained and equipped to help police when the going gets rough and a regular patrol car just can’t hack it. Mind you, this is much more than a motley crew of Jeepers banging around in the woods; potential recruits are fully vetted and given extensive training in everything from CPR to search patterns to crime scene procedures before officially joining up.

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This Supra-powered Jeep Wrangler seeks a new owner

This Supra-powered Jeep Wrangler seeks a new owner
This 1997 Wrangler is for sale on Craigslist, and the owner believes it’s the only Jeep with such an engine swap. Additionally, a few aftermarket touches are present, including an off-road grille, LED headlights, a custom hood to shove the 2JZ engine under, and more. Not only was this 1990s-era Toyota Supra engine over-engineered for the time, it’s also incredibly reliable and can handle oodles of power when the aftermarket touches it. Does it have any business in a Jeep Wrangler? Power is said to exceed 350 horses, and the current owner says it could go a lot higher with an aftermarket ECU.

Living with a Jeep Wrangler: 3rd quarter update on our long-term 2016 Wrangler Rubicon

Living with a Jeep Wrangler: 3rd quarter update on our long-term 2016 Wrangler Rubicon
After about an hour, copy chief Chris Langrill got yanked out; in turn, his Jeep yanked out AW’s long-term Jeep Wrangler. 3RD-QUARTER UPDATEMILES DRIVEN (QUARTER/YEAR): 2,809/11,286FUEL MILEAGE (QUARTER/YEAR): 16 mpg/16.2 mpgFUEL COST (QUARTER/YEAR): $340.82/$1,330.49DAYS OUT OF SERVICE (QUARTER/YEAR): 0/1MAINTENANCE: NoneJeep WranglerMSRP $23,495 Sport MPG 17 / 21 City / HWYResearch Jeep Wrangler > So we finally got a chance to go truly off-road in our Wrangler, and the only thing we were missing was a winch. In our last update we said that the Jeep sacrifices precise control and a quiet ride for outstanding capability in every other aspect. Share PinterestEmailIt took about 12 minutes for us to bury our long-term 2016 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon into waist deep mud at The Mounds off-road park in Genesee County, Michigan, and about an hour and a half more to get it out.

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