“The Drive” said : 2017 Jeep Compass Fails Its Own NY Auto Show Demonstration

When visiting the auto show booth of a rough-and-tumble SUV maker such as Land Rover or Jeep, off-road demonstration courses are not unexpected sights. Reportedly, the Compass’s tires started spinning halfway up the hill, forcing the driver to bring it back down. It got a little further than its previous attempt…but ended up spinning its tires again. While visiting Jeep’s course at the New York Auto Show yesterday, CNET’s Roadshow caught the new 2017 Compass biting off a little more than it could chew while attempting to climb the company’s tallest, metal-grated hill in the rain. Usually, the courses are set up at or below the ability of the products in question—they are manufacturer-made marketing tools, after all.

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2017 Jeep Compass totally biffs it on auto show ‘off-road’ course

2017 Jeep Compass totally biffs it on auto show 'off-road' course
Jeep regularly sets up “off-road” courses at auto shows, where journalists and consumers can take rides in different Jeep models as they traverse representations of different terrains. A 2017 Jeep Compass attempted to tackle the tallest hill on the automaker’s course, and the rain didn’t play too well with its tires and the metal grating. After making it halfway up, its tires started spinning, so the driver brought it back down. Instead, the Compass driver gives it another go with more speed. The Compass did not attempt the course again, and at the time of writing, Jeep stopped taking its vehicles up that hill entirely.

Jeep Compass Trailpass: Taking a Small Crossover to New Heights
Verdict: Jeep Compass TrailpassThe Jeep Compass Trailpass is an exercise in showing the world exactly what the new small crossover is capable of, sporting some excellent suspension upgrades that are likely to be available to the public soon. With the all-new Jeep Compass hitting dealerships right now, the brand was eager to show off exactly what its latest small crossover can do, and it is doing so with the Jeep Trailpass. One thing is for sure, for all those that doubt that the Jeep Compass as an off-roader, the Trailpass proves that with the proper upgrades, this thing can take some serious abuse. Unlike some of the wild 2017 Easter Jeep Safari Concepts, this Trailpass is rooted in reality, demonstrating a package that is practical and boosts performance. After spending time in the standard Jeep Compass right after our Trailpass test drive, it’s also apparent that the suspension upgrades help to soften this special Compass a little, eating up bumps and rocks rather than beating up the occupants with its road-biased ride.

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