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The speedy Used vehicles Under $30K

This article is sponsored by Pen Fed Credit Union Late summer leading up to the Labor Day holiday can be a great time to consider purchasing a used vehicles.

The Fastest Used Cars Under $30K

But that actually presents an opportunity when looking at a used vehicle.
Paying for a car — especially a used car — over a long period of time can put you in a situation where you owe significantly more than the car’s value.
While you can purchase gap insurance from a dealership, you can often get a better deal through your local credit union.
Do Your Homework — Or Get Someone Else ToWhen it comes to used cars especially, prices can vary widely on similar vehicles.
Shop Smart for Used Cars

Buying a used car is a great way to save money on a big purchase.

Consumer Reports polled more than 2-hundred thousand subscribers to see how satisfied they are with their vehicles and whether they’d buy them again.

For example, the Toyota 4Runner consistently scores high marks from owners but its unsettled ride and clumsy handling hurt it in Consumer Reports tests.
Besides the initial price of the car Consumer Reports says you need to take a hard look at maintenance costs to see if the vehicle will work for your budget.
Consumer Reports says you can save money by buying used and save the planet.

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