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“The Sun” said : Heartwarming moment UPS staff surprise teen earning money for his sick mum with a CAR after watching him walk 10 miles to and from work everyday

THIS is the tear-jerking moment UPS workers surprised a teen by buying him a car after watching him walk 10 miles to and from work to earn money for his sick mum. Derrick Taylor, 19, had been working at the centre in Alabama for more than a year. “That really doesn’t happen to folks that only work a year and a half.”Asked if he was enjoying the much quicker commute to work, Taylor said he likes the other perks even more. So the management and staff , who always offer him rides which he turns down, decided to surprise Derrick with his own jeep. In the clip, a fellow co-worker, who hands over the keys to Derrick, says: “This is a hard working young man.

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Man walking 10 miles to work to take care of sick mother surpris

Man walking 10 miles to work to take care of sick mother surpris
An Alabama man who was walking 10 miles a day to earn money to take care of his sick mother and family will not be hoofing it anymore thanks to his co-workers. Derrick Taylor, 19, works at a UPS facility in Oxford, Alabama and was walking five miles to work in order to make his early morning shift at the plant and then five miles home. Employees at the facility were impressed by Taylor’s work ethic and pooled money together in order to raise $1,100 so they could surprise Taylor with the Jeep Cherokee. According to the website Today.com, Taylor has been loading trucks for $11.90 an hour and was unable to afford a vehicle to get to and from work. Video of the surprise was posted to Facebook by user Allie K Steen and it has been viewed well over 4 million times and has been shared over 50,000 times.

Teen who walked 17 miles to and from work to support sick mom gets amazing gift
A 19-year-old UPS employee working hard to support his sick mother was delivered the package of his dreams last month. “This young man wants to work so bad, he walks to work from way out of town,” the co-worker adds. Derrick Taylor, from Oxford, Alabama, who walked over 17 miles total to and from work, was moved to tears when his co-workers surprised him with a Jeep Cherokee. His co-workers, impressed with his work ethic, pooled their resources so they could make his commute easier. He makes me emotional,” one of Taylor’s co-workers says in the video as Taylor wipes his own tears away with his sleeve.

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