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“Tribune india” declare : Had to tie man to jeep to save lives

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Major Nitin Leetul Gogoi, the Indian Army officer who used a Kashmiri man as human shield on his jeep to thwart a stone-pelting mob, on Tuesday said he did that to “save more lives”. A video of Dar tied to an army jeep as human shield had gone viral on social media, and was widely condemned. “Then I noticed this man (Farooq Dar) just 30 metre away from my vehicle. Gogoi said he made repeated requests to the crowd, including women and children, to stop stone pelting but they didn’t stop. “On April 9, we went to a polling booth to check the security situation, and then some people started hurling stones at us,” he said.

As it stated in Back then, a YouTube video showed a man tied to the front of an Indian Army jeep that was being driven around. Gogoi, who serves in the 53 Rashtriya Rifles, a branch of the Indian Army under the Defense Ministry, came under the spotlight in April this year. The Indian Army insisted Dar was hurling stones at army personnel who were boycotting the elections, a claim the man strongly denies. An Indian Army major who tied a man to a jeep and used him as a human shield against a stone-throwing mob in Kashmir has received a military award for his “sustained” efforts in “counter-insurgency” operations, local media report. Earlier, Dar told Amnesty International India that he was traveling to the village of Gampora, in Kashmir, on his motorcycle on April 9.

Indian Army major who tied Kashmir man to jeep & used him as human shield is awarded military honor — RT News

As it stated in

Army Major who tied Kashmiri man to jeep has legal trouble headed his way

While the CBI filed a chargesheet against the Army officers before the Chief Judicial Magistrate in Srinagar, the Army objected on the grounds that prior sanction under AFSPA is needed for prosecuting Army officials. The Army chose court martial, but later exonerated all five officers for want of evidence. Investigations confirmed that the men were civilians who had gone missing from south Kashmir. At the completion of the investigation, a chargesheet will be filed in a criminal court against the officer. The army will officer to court martial the officer, (Pathribal case)Meanwhile the parallel proceedings of Court of Inquiry by the army really have no meaning as a criminal investigation is still under way.

Army Major who tied Kashmiri man to jeep has legal trouble headed his way

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