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“Washington Times” declare : Donald Trump pushes back against reports of chaotic White House, touts accomplishments

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The ensuing confusion, which helped fuel court challenges that ultimately blocked the program, can be traced back to the White House. The president has repeatedly pushed back against often-speculative reports of a White House in chaos. Other times, Mr. Trump has appeared slow to act. President Trump campaigned on his reputation as a successful businessman, promising voters he would run the government like one of his enterprises. Still, he credited Mr. Trump with taking on the Washington establishment and attempting to remake the federal government.

as mentioned in USA TODAYAlec Baldwin (Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo, FilmMagic)As impersonator-in-chief for President Trump, Alec Baldwin has some surprising opinions about our 45th commander in chief. I don’t think Trump is happy with anything said about him in the modern world or media. You know, Trump, some people would say to me very pointedly, how do you feel that you helped Trump get elected? Alec Baldwin portrays Donald Trump on the campaign trail in a sketch last fall on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ Q: What do you like about President Trump?

Alec Baldwin talks completely, 100% uncensored about Donald Trump
as mentioned in

Meet the Donald Trump of Indonesia

But his connection to Mr Trump has created a fair amount of controversy both in Indonesia and overseas. And in 2015 he signed a $1bn (£820m) deal with Donald Trump to build and develop a Trump Hotel and Tower in West Java, as well as the six-star luxury resort in Bali. ‘Close access’Known for his forthright and straightforward views, Mr Tanoesoedibjo, or Hary Tanoe, is often called Indonesia’s Donald Trump. Media caption Is Hary Tanoesoedibjo Indonesia’s answer to Donald Trump? Image copyright Hary Tanoesoedibjo/Twitter Image caption Mr & Mrs Tanoesoedibjo with US President Donald Trump”He shouldn’t run around with people like Trump.

Meet the Donald Trump of Indonesia

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