Mercedes Benz EQV 2020


    Mercedes Benz EQV 2020 is the new of electric vehicles with

    a luxurious eight-seater MPV based on the V-Class
    Also, the truth is that for big families who do not fancy an SUV,

    these cars still make a lot of sense

    And since two of the world’s largest car makers-Volkswagen

    and Mercedes-Benz cars –are both planning on bringing electric people carriers to market in the next few years

    Mercedes Benz EQV 2020


    First discovered in concept form at this year’s Geneva motor

    the show, the EQV is focused by a single 201bhp electric motor that

    draws power from a 90KWh battery mounted along the floor.

    The EQV has a range of 251 miles according to the official WLTP

    test-which 49 miles less than the tesla model x large SUV.

    The EQV has space for eight but the tesla has seven onboard Instead, should buyers favour luxury ad space over carrying capacity, switch benches for six individual seats across three rows?

    Mercedes’ MBUX infotainment system that we’ve praised in other

    models both for its ease of use and exciting graphics is presented

    on a 10in screen on the centre console

    It boasts natural speech recognition therefore, you can say Hey Mercedes to issue a command to the car

    Mercedes Benz EQV 2020
    Mercedes Benz EQV 2020

    Paddles to control the strength of the EQV’s regenerative braking

    sit behind the steering wheel
    Mercedes Benz talks that when this is set to its strongest,

    you can drive using only the accelerator pedal As well as various

    driving modes to adjust how the car feels on the road, there’s also an E+ mode that maximizes the EQV’s range

    Mercedes Benz EQV 2020


    The driver also gives access to the rapid charging network,

    which is currently available at around 400 locations across

    Europe-however only two of those are in the UK

    Using the fastest chargers, the EQV can be charged to 80% of

    capacity in about 45 minutes

    Using an 11Kw domestic charger or public charging station,

    that time rises to around 10 hours

    Prices are expected to begin to start at around £62,000,

    that is more expensive than the regular V-Class, upon which the EQV is established, but still a lot cheaper than the model x




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