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Kia Telluride 2020 review and specs


Kia Telluride 2020 transforms that association with its

completely lavish qualities and absolute cut {price} price.

With monumental proportions and 3 rows of seats, the bold-looking Kia is that the company’s biggest crossover SUV.

it’s all the tenants of a good family haulier,

as well as abounding traveler area and up to date options. Its commonplace V-6 powertrain is not particularly economical,

however it’s quietly competent and able to tow up to 5000 pounds.

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Kia Telluride 2020


Under the hood of each 2020 chemical compound may be a naturally aspirated V-6 that creates 291 HP and

262 lb-ft of torsion.

Its engine pairs with associate degree eight-speed transmission that feeds the front wheels within the customary format—all-wheel drive is additionally elective across the board.

The top-of-the-line chemical compound SX we have a tendency to tested charged from zero to sixty mph in seven.0 seconds.

However, the large Kia did not feel as awake to throttle inputs at lower speeds as did a number of its turbocharged rivals.

The Telluride’s ride is on the firm aspect, with harsh pavement generally throwing the three-row SUV off its meant path.

A self-leveling rear air suspension is additionally obtainable.

Brakes area unit glorious and therefore the steering is precise with a pleasant heft to its feel.

The chemical compound boasts 8.0 inches of ground clearance for cross-country excursions, and it will tow up to 5000 pounds.

Kia Telluride 2020
Kia Telluride 2020

Fuel economy

The EPA estimates the front-drive version is that the thriftiest, with ratings of twenty mpg within the town and twenty six mpg on the main road.

All-wheel-drive models drop to nineteen mpg town and twenty four mpg main road, that are slightly beyond V-6–powered competitors like the Volkswagen Atlas and slightly not up to the Honda Pilot.

The all-wheel-drive compound we tend to tested on our 200-mile fuel-economy route came back twenty four mpg highway—matching its government rating.

The Atlas additionally earned twenty four mpg whereas the Pilot got twenty seven mpg throughout our real-world take a look at.


Regardless of people’s opinion concerning the 2020 Telluride’s daring outward look, its interior is undeniably upmarket and cozy. The build quality is superb,

the materials square measure engaging, and therefore the fascinating options square measure plentiful.

as a result of the chemical compound is many inches longer than the seven-passenger Sorento,

its cabin is even additional spacious, particularly for those within the wayback seat. there’s area for eight with a second-row bench seat or area for seven with the facultative captain’s chairs.

along side ample interior storage throughout the cabin, we tend to managed to suit four carry-on suitcases behind its third row

and stuffed a complete of thirty five carry-ons with each back rows collapsable flat

Kia Telluride 2020 interior
Kia Telluride 2020 interior


Kia Telluride has not been tested by the national highway traffic safety administration

Safety features include

1-standard automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection

2-standard lane-departure warning and lane keeping assist

3-standard blind-spot monitoring






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